What’s Coming Up in CPD Seminars and Short Courses? February – April 2019

Still planning for the year ahead? Have you put aside some time to invest in your own development and career goals? If the answer is no, then maybe you want to consider attending a CPD or short course to add to your skills and advance your professional expertise. And even if the answer is yes, you can never have too much of a good thing.

18 – 19 March
Lower Limb Muscle Injury Ultrasound Course

Be the first to benefit from live demonstrations, lectures and wet lab anatomy, with our new musculoskeletal course specifically aimed at muscle injuries. Gain practical training delivered in collaboration with our partners, Premier League club AFC Bournemouth.

Providing you with the highest level of ultrasound training through our School of Medical Ultrasound, you will gain the skills needed to understand the pitfalls and benefits of ultrasound to help you evolve into a competent practitioner. During this two day course, our team of experts in the field of acute muscle injury will guide you through the acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound injuries before exploring the value of ultrasound follow up.

You will exit the course with key skills and a sound understanding of the causes, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of muscle injuries from a wide background of clinical experience.

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23 – 24 March 2019
Evidence based understanding of clinical anatomy, diagnostics and treatment of the pelvis
Dr Andy Vleeming

What better way to develop your knowledge than with this two day workshop, presenting Dr Vleeming’s 20 years’ worth of work distilled into easily digestible content? He’s done all the hard work to make it easy for you, with theoretical clinical content and hands-on demonstrations on diagnostics and treatment.

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13 CPD Hours

23 March 2019
Stable Function of the Neck and Shoulder Girdle
Dr Jonathan Cook

Dr Cook’s approach to functional correction has been influenced by learning directly from Karel Lewit, Vladimir Janda, Craig Liebensen, Clayton Skaggs and Stuart McGill, so you can be sure that with this one day CPD seminar you’ll be gaining a whole wealth of knowledge and expertise. Dr Cook will focus on the various subtopics in the health versus problematic function of the upper quarter including thoracic, rigidity, postural correction, deep neck flexor muscle function, global neck strengths, self-mysofascial release techniques, scapula dyskinesis, humeral head stability and rotator cuff disease.

Each topic will be explored regarding the evidence of its link to pain and whether exercise has a role to play or not. This seminar will include demonstrations of clinical tests and exercises to improve pain and function, from those applicable in a gym setting to those which can be done at home or using low-tech equipment. A great one for those looking to further help your patients.

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7 CPD Hours

2 – 3 April 2019
GP Ultrasound Course

This course introduces GPs to the role of ultrasound in a community setting, delivered by the expertise in our School of Medical Ultrasound. You will have the chance to be trained at the highest level by full-time NHS sonographers and radiologists at our fully equipped clinical skills centre, offering simulators (provided by scan trainer) together with state-of-the-art Samsung medical systems (provided by MIS Healthcare).

This two day course, consisting of lectures, demonstrations, and guided hands-on experience with real patients, will help you understand the relationship between ultrasound images and patient history. The course will take you a step further in making accurate decisions in patient management. It will also provide you with an introduction to ultrasound anatomy and common pathology, focusing on the upper and lower abdomen of men and women. You will also see an introduction to Doppler, Musculoskeletal, and Superficial structures, and have the support of hospital sonographers during all practical workshops.

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6 – 7 April 10`9
NLP Foundation Course Part 2
Jo Blakeley

Around April you may start to fall into the spring fatigue – but this is a great time to get out of your slump and back into the swing of supporting your learning and growth.

Join Jo Blakeley, Director of Orchard Training, who has over eight years’ experience in delivering confidence, communication and leadership development training to health professionals, as well as staff at all levels in small, medium and large organisations. A NLP Trainer, Jo will help you advance your understanding of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programme). Whether you have acquired your skills from the first part of the NLP course held at AECC University College previously, or from other sources, this CPD course will enable you to apply your skills to more advanced techniques allowing you to apply these more confidently in your personal and professional life.

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13 CPD Hours

27 – 28 April 2019
Chronic Myofascial Pain and Central Sensitisation: Integrating Objective Findings with Pain Mechanisms, Dry Needling and Electrical Stimulation Techniques
MD Jay P. Shah

Bringing April to a close, we present a comprehensive two day seminar with MD Jay P. Shah, the well-known lecturer on mechanisms of chronic pain, myofascial pain, acupuncture techniques and other related topics. The seminar will combine presentations with practical hands-on assessment and treatment techniques. You will get to explore the dynamic and pivotal roles that myofascial trigger points (MTrPs), sensitisation, limbic system dysfunction and objective physical findings play in the evaluation and management of chronic myofascial pain and dysfunction.

What’s more, you get to discuss the non-pharmacological approaches such as dry needling, electrical stimulation techniques and acupuncture and see these demonstrated. Techniques will be showcase so you truly understand how they can deactivate painful MTrPs, desensitise affected segments and neuro-module subcortical dysfunction, providing more permanent pain and symptom relief for your patients.

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15 CPD Hours

Discover other CPD Seminars and Ultrasound Short Courses coming up in the year ahead. Don’t forget there are selected discounts for AECC University College alumni, members of the ECU, RCC and TAM. Current students also receive a discount, so make the most of the months ahead and make 2019 the year you take your career to the next level.