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Our Reports

Reports serve as a crucial mechanism for our institution to transparently communicate our advancements in and across various critical topics.

Below, you will find our latest reports, covering essential aspects of our operations.

Governors’ Report and Financial Statement

View the Governors’ Report and Financial Statements 12 month period ended 31st July 2023 here:

Download 31st July 2023 Financial Statement

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021-2022

In March 2023, our workforce identified as 89 males (37%) and 149 females (63%).

When dividing our workforce of 238 employees into four equal quartiles, women are overrepresented in all of the lower pay quartiles but underrepresented in the highest pay quartile. This is due to AECC UC being a small size institution, proud not to outsource traditionally lower paid roles such as receptionists, administrators and catering. These types of roles are predominantly filled by females and evaluated at a lower rate of pay due to the requirements of the role.

The bigger number of males in upper quartile might also be linked to historically Chiropractic being dominated by male students, hence more senior colleagues at AECC UC also being male. However, due to diversification of subjects offered by AECC UC this historical issue is being reviewed as new senior employees are joining our workforce.
AECC UC offer a comprehensive flexible working package, 59% of our female staff formally work flexibly, as do 17% of our male staff. We offer part-time opportunities and term time hours contracts which naturally attract more female workers to join AECC UC, with less male counterparts seeking flexible working arrangements.

To read more, please download the full report via the link below:


Access and Participation Plans, Fees Summary and Provider impact report

Here you will find our Access and Participation Plan and Fair Access Agreements, which set out our targets and milestones for widening access in higher education by students from disadvantaged groups, and improving the aspirations, success and progression for students in these groups. This includes information about financial support packages, and details of our outreach activities, and targets and milestones for widening participation.

These access agreements have been formally approved by the Office for Students (or the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) prior to September 2019).

The Provider impact report summarises the progress the University College has made against targets, objectives and written commitments set out in our 2019-20 access and participation plan. This document is a summary of information the University College submitted to the OfS.

Access and Participation plans:

Download 2020-26 Access and Participation Plan

Download The Access And Participation Plan 2020-21 To 2024-25

Download The Summary Of The 2020-2025 Access And Participation Plan

Download The AECC University College Fees Summary 2024-2025

Download The AECC University College Fees Summary 2023-2024

Download The AECC University College Provider Impact Report (2019-20 Access And Participation Plan Monitoring)

Download The Access And Participation Plan For 2019-2020

Download The Fair Access Agreement For 2018-19

Download The Fair Access Agreement For 2017-18

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Statements & Agreements

Find official statements and agreements, including vital documents such as the Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement and our Student Agreement.

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Find our our latest academic policies, quality assurance policies, academic regulations and procedures.

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Discover and read all the latest news, press releases and happenings here at AECC University College

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