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Local Home Carers Benefit from Bespoke Simulation Training at AECC UC

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Occupational Therapy in Assisted Daily Living Suite

Carers and managers from Poole-based home care provider, GoodOaks Home Care, will visit AECC University College next week to take part in innovative new training designed to replicate real-world experience before they enter clients’ homes.

The first session will take place this Friday (26th April 2024) and will see GoodOaks home carers visit the Assisted Daily Living Suite on the University College’s Parkwood Road campus. This facility, which has been designed as a home environment complete with kitchen, living and sleeping area, and a fully-functional bathroom, will be used to represent the home of a typical client.

This will be followed by a further session on Thursday 2nd May, which has been designed for home care managers.

This collaboration between GoodOaks Homecare and AECC University College (AECC UC) has been facilitated by the Centre for Workforce and Systems Innovation team at the University College and supported by an investment of £25,000 from the Regional Innovation Fund.

Gary Francis, Head of Practice Related Learning at AECC UC, explains: “We are looking forward to inviting the team from GoodOaks onto campus. Training for care workers can often be more theory-based, which does not allow carers to practically develop their skills and capabilities in a safe environment. This project aims to support training through simulation, equipping home care workers with a range of skills to provide high-quality care and achieve good client outcomes.

“These sessions will offer practical, hands-on training so that we can help prepare new home carers for what they might experience in their role.”

Head of Enterprise and Academic Engagement at AECC UC, Dr. Claire Nadaf, continues: “The complexity of patients within the homecare sector is increasing, with formal and informal carers caring for patients with multi-morbidities with risks multiple hospitals admissions.

“We hope this project will impact positively both on patient care and outcomes and reducing the burden on the NHS, as a result of high quality care at home.

“GoodOaks has a rigorous training programme across its offices, but the team recognised that there is a limit to what you can do in a classroom in comparison to a simulated environment where their team can explore their knowledge and understanding in a safe environment.

“We are able to turn the Assisted Daily Living Suite into a space that they might actually walk into.”

Director of GoodOaks Homecare, Ben Ashton, added: “Our team is excited to be visiting AECC UC for this training. This simulation activity will bring a valuable new dimension to the training that we offer our home carers. The more thoroughly we can equip them for the kinds of scenarios that they will experience whilst working with clients, the more effectively and compassionately they can provide care.

“The training that we provide is absolutely key to the level of service that we are able to provide. This is an exciting opportunity for us to provide greater insight into what the role of a home carer entails and what our carers can expect.”

GoodOaks Homecare is a franchise network with 21 offices and over 500 care professionals providing visiting and live-in support in the home across the UK.

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