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Student Charter

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The AECC University College Student Charter

The University’s Mission Statement is to achieve a healthier society through education, research and clinical care. To achieve this, we are working in partnership with our students and state the following ethos of the institution in this Student Charter.

This Student Charter has been devised by and is maintained by the Institution and Student Union for all of our students. Overall we hope you will work with us to enhance all aspects of student life.

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We will…

We will provide you, our students, with an educational, training and learning environment in which all students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, develop the skills and personal qualities necessary for professional practice, and develop and nurture the foundations for life-long learning.

We will listen to and value your views concerning your perception and experience of our institution and its programmes, through regular, formal and informal, student feedback, representation of students on all formal committees concerned with academic affairs, and through a student governor on the Board of Governors.

We will deliver teaching of high quality that promotes critical thought and develops self-directed learning; provide programme documentation and guidance that enables you to make informed choices about your learning; provide explicit and clear assessment criteria for judging your work, and mark your work fairly and objectively.

We will provide personal tutors and/or unit leaders, who will give you advice on your programme and its requirements, encourage you in your personal development and in the development of study skills and transferable skills, review your academic progress and recommend any actions you need to take.

We will provide clear information about the grounds for appealing academic decisions, and student complaint or disciplinary issues; follow the published procedures as set out in programme information to deal with these.

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We expect you to…

We expect you to you to act always in a professional manner sensitive to the beliefs of others; develop your knowledge, experience and skills; be pro-active and responsible in your relationships and commitments to others, within the context of your learning.

We expect you to you to make a commitment to your own learning and an investment in your future; participate in events that allow you to communicate your views, and respond to requests for feedback; be involved in your Students’ Union and take up membership of committees.

We expect you to work conscientiously to get the most out of your programme; submit assessed work to specified deadlines; become familiar with the information and regulations relating to your programme and its assessments.

We expect you to make contact with and respond to messages from your personal tutors and/or unit leaders; attend meetings as arranged; keep your tutors informed about any problems which might affect your studies; seek additional advice on your progress as necessary.

We expect you to follow the published procedures as set out in programme information; talk to us about any issues concerning assessments, the clarity of our regulations and policies, your expectations of us and how well we meet them.

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Ultrasound guided injections.

“I haven’t had any pain since my ultrasound guided injection – it’s wonderful” Says Gila Rose, whom recently visited Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College for a steroid injection, using ultrasound for precision and targeted treatment.

MSc Podiatry (pre-registration) Students at TCS London Marathon 2024

Each year, some 60 Podiatrists, both qualified and pre-registration students from all over the UK, descend on the capital to volunteer for the TCS London Marathon. This year, our first cohort of AECC University College MSc Podiatry (pre-registration) students, along with Associate Professor in Podiatry and Course Leader, Simon Otter, joined peers from the Universities of Brighton, Northampton, and East London. The co-location developed a true multidisciplinary ethos and close working relationships with physiotherapists, nurses, paramedics, physicians, and the voluntary sector (via St John Ambulance) as part of the wider finish-line medical team.

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