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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree & Higher Degree Apprenticeships

Degree & Higher Degree Apprenticeships allow you to continue to work in your current role while you study part-time.

Apprenticeships combine on site and online academic study within a traditional University Location, whilst delivering hands on practical on-the-job experience and skills that you need for that next step towards a further successful career. You can find out more about this topic on the website.

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MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Degree Apprenticeship)

If you are an experienced Healthcare Professional aspiring towards transforming your role and advancing your practice, with the aim of enhancing patient care and improving healthcare service delivery, then this apprenticeship programme will suit both your needs and those of your organisation.

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MSc Dietetics (Integrated Degree Apprenticeship)

This Level 7 apprenticeship in Dietetics offers a dynamic and rewarding pathway for individuals seeking to embark on a fulfilling career in nutrition and dietetics.

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Breast Imaging Course practical

What are Degree Apprenticeships?

Degree Apprenticeships are developed between the Government, Employers and Universities. They’re suitable for anyone over the age of 18, whether you’re already in your chosen career, or are just starting out on your career.

Degree Apprenticeships are not paid for through Tuition fee loans but are paid for through your employer and the Government, making them free to you the Apprentice!

Depending on which Apprenticeship course you take, Degree Apprenticeships take anything up to 5 years to complete (this depends on the level of the Apprenticeship).

The Government’s Office for Students website & UCAS provide further guidance on degree apprentices for potential apprentices and for your employer.

Why do a Degree Apprenticeship?          

Earn while you learn

By choosing to do a Degree/Higher Degree Apprenticeship you can continue to work whilst studying to earn your degree. This provides you with continued financial security and can help you to progress both professionally as well as academically. These Apprenticeships are funded through a collaboration of Government and Employer/Business funding, which means you as an Apprentice do not have to pay any course fees or take out any Tuition Fee Loans. To find out more information about Degree Apprenticeships and Government support, visit the GOV UK Apprenticeship website.  Degree Apprenticeship courses include a mixture of both online and University-based learning. This allows you to access your study materials around your work and personal life. On most Degree Apprenticeships, the ratio is 4 days at work and 1 day of study through the year.

Personal and Professional Development

Our Degree Apprenticeship courses are not only an academic qualification but have been mapped to all the relevant professional body standards during the design phase. During your Apprenticeship you will build your e-Portfolio of evidence that you can then use to count towards future professional accreditations. During your Degree Apprenticeship, you’ll get top-level teaching and mentoring from current industry experts. This mentoring is invaluable and allows you to learn so much more about your current and future role. Furthermore, learning from Industry experts gives you the ability to expand your personal and professional network.

How do I apply for a Degree Apprenticeship?

If you are in full-time employment and you and your employer agree for you to apply for one of our Degree Apprenticeships, then please complete the Enquiry form below  or email your query to

You can also search and apply through the government’s ‘Find an apprenticeship’ service: This lists all available apprenticeships at all levels across the UK.

Application Process
1. Expression of interest through employer
2. Potential apprentice and employer attend briefing session
3. Application portal opens for completion of application form, skills scan, CV presented and upload of all relevant corticates
4. Portal closes and shortlisting completed by employer and AECC UC staff
5. Interviews undertaken on 1:1 with applicant, employer and AECC Staff
6. RPL eligibility confirmed, length of programme and fee
7. Offers made to applicant, all correspondence cc to employer
8. Apprentice accepts place – apprenticeship agreement completed, alongside training plan and individual needs analysis
9. Apprentice completed ALS documents and submits, any declarations shared with student services
10. URN initiated by employer and contract for services issued and signed
11. Employer education team uploads cohort to Digital Apprenticeship service, AECC UC completed details and return to employer.

Students in IRC

What will I be required to do at University during my Apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships require a study day (this can be in person or online) for a minimum of 6 hours each week. This is classed as your Off The Job Training (OTJ). Here you will learn the Knowledge Skills & Behaviours (KSB’s) that you require to complete your apprenticeship. The rest of the week you will be in your workplace where you will be required to do workplace planned learning. Both AECC University College & your employer are responsible for ensuring that you attend your OTJ training, so it is advisable that you take any annual leave around your university timetabled days.

Some of the training you already have, may count towards your course. In this case we will discuss your record of prior learning (RPL) prior to you starting the course, this may mean that certain units of the Apprenticeship you will not be required to redo. This will be discussed on an individual basis.

All your OTJ training will need to be evidenced which you can via our e-portfolio.  On completion of your Apprenticeship training, you will have to complete an end point assessment (EPA). This is designed to check you have attained all the KSB’s needed to prove you have attained the standard required for the Apprenticeship. EPA’s take several different forms, details are provided on each of the apprenticeship course pages.


Information for Employers

Whether you are a Levy or Non-Levy paying employer, Degree & Higher Degree Apprenticeships are an excellent way of upskilling your new & current staff.  Whilst studying on an Apprenticeship your staff can bring newly learned skills directly back into the workplace which can bring you the employer significant benefits.

AECC University College have developed our Apprenticeships through working closely with other professional bodies to ensure that the training your apprentices get is both current and relevant to their role. Our understanding of the needs of both the learner and you, the employer, are at the forefront of how we structure the delivery of our programmes.

Our specialist Centre for Workforce and Systems Innovation team ensure that the Apprenticeships we deliver meets the requirements of you the employer. We do this to make sure you and your apprentice receive the most up to date training from the programme they are on.

Putting individuals on Apprenticeships shows that you as an employer have a desire to develop your staff, provides retention within the workplace, and cuts down on recruitment costs.

What are the costs to you?

As a Levy payer with an annual salary over £3M you can use this Levy payment to cover the costs of your Apprentices. If you aren’t a levy payer, the Government subsidises up to 95% of the cost of degree apprenticeships.

Whilst there may be other additional minor costs, we will help you understand what these costs are before your Apprentice starts their course.

What are the eligibility rules?

All individuals on an Apprenticeship must have been living in the UK for at least 3 years, have the right to work in the UK, have a formal contract of employment and have a salary that at least meets the minimum wage criteria.

Whilst there are other criteria that apprentices must meet, our assessment team will ensure that you are fully aware during the initial assessment of who can and cannot be forwarded for an apprenticeship. For more information visit the Govt website.

AECC University College also offer the same additional support for all our Apprentices as we do for our full-time students through our Student Services provision.  Student Services offer support, guidance and information to help you make the most of your time at AECC University College.

If you are interested in forwarding any of your staff for one of our Apprenticeships, then complete the Enquiry form below or email

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Embark on a transformative journey with our degree apprenticeships, where you can continue to excel in your current role while pursuing higher education part-time.

If you are interested in forwarding any of your staff for one of our Apprenticeships, please complete the below Enquiry form:


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