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Three Years on: Graduate Reflections

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Sampdha Sharma graduated from the Master of Chiropractic degree course at AECC University College in 2020. She moved to Germany and began working as a Chiropractor. She currently lives with her partner in Wiesbaden, and they work together in the clinic that he owns.

She reflects on life since graduation:

Moving Abroad

“I knew I wanted to join my partner in Germany and so I applied for a few jobs in the country. When I first moved here, it took a few months for my work VISA to arrive and I used this time to take an intensive German course to learn the language.

“During that time, I was living in a house share and I would really recommend doing so if you are planning to move abroad. My new housemates were brilliant – they really looked after me and helped me feel at home at a time when I was missing the UK.”

Transition from University

“When you are studying, you are rightly very focused on diagnoses and technique and getting those right. When you graduate and go out into the world, you learn that interacting with and managing patients is a whole other skill to learn.

“A big thing for me has been realising that while some patients want to take an active role in their care, and the management of the condition or problem that they have come to see you with, others will not. An important skill is learning not to take that personally and to build some professional distance between you and the patient.

“The patients that make me love coming to work are the ones that are taking a really active role in their health. It is a really positive working relationship and you can see them making progress and feeling better.”

Life as a Chiropractor

“How I feel about my abilities as a Chiropractor goes up and down, but I have learned that that is completely normal. You are never going to know everything and it’s important to recognise the limitations of what we can do.

“Working with other Chiropractors gives you the opportunity to keep learning. You talk to and learn from your colleagues and that makes it a very sociable and supportive profession.

“I already feel I benefit from knowing a big network of Chiropractors through the people that I met at AECC UC, but also through the senior Chiropractors that I have met since graduating. It’s a small, close-knit profession and there is a sense that everybody knows everybody through mutual contacts.”

Advice for Graduating Students

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember to trust yourself and to go for the opportunities that present themselves to you. You’re learning all the time and that is a very special thing.”

There are many benefits to studying at AECC University College, from our expertise and history in teaching health sciences, to our state-of-the-art facilities, onsite clinical training, and of course our location on the beautiful Bournemouth coast. You can find out more about our courses by requesting a copy of our latest Prospectus or visiting us at one of our Open Days.

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