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Our beautiful library is housed in an old chapel, used back when the site was a Convent School. Decorated with beautiful stain-glassed-windows and high ceilings, the library provides a calm and serene environment in which to focus and study whilst surrounded by the stunning interiors.

The library features tech-enabled study pods, desk space, comfy and relaxed seating areas and a self-service kiosk. With Wi-Fi throughout campus, areas dedicated to group or independent study, plenty of laptops for loan, and helpful staff on hand, the Library is your ideal place to study and grow your knowledge.

Library & Learning Services

Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) is an additional computer room that features 32 computers for students to complete coursework on. This space provides additional computers to those found in the library.

Pro-section Lab

Also known as the wet lab, or human anatomy lab. This facility contains real human cadavers. AECC University College is the only university setting to house this facility, as it’s usually only found in teaching hospitals. This is a great place to students to transfer what they have learnt in lectures to physical real-life examples.

Dry Lab/ Models Lab

This location contains skeletons, faux examples human anatomy and further physical resources and models on the human anatomy and musculoskeletal system. Students can look at areas of the body as a whole or in isolation. This space provides students the opportunity for tactile hands-on learning in addition to what they will learn from reading texts and in lectures.

History Library

The history library is located on the top floor above the dry lab. This room contains records, books and artefacts from the history of chiropractic. From the original proponents of the discipline to the groundwork that was laid in order for us to teach today.

Lecture Theatres

Our main building contains two large lecture theatres, for large capacity student teaching environment with tiered seating.

Seminar Rooms

We also have multiple seminar rooms for smaller more intimate learning setting. We understand that the intake of information can vary from subject to subject, and between individuals. By offering a mix of learning environments we can cater for a range of learning experiences.

Technique Rooms

These rooms contain multiple practise benches, that students will practice techniques with. Our largest room TR2 contains fifteen ES2000 benches, we also have five RM2 Atlas benches in our smaller technique rooms ensuring students are clinically confident.

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The facilities available at AECC University College include state-of-the-art clinical facilities, as well as those to aid student learning and lifestyle.


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