Become part of our growing research community. You can be part of our projects, the partnerships we make and support, and ultimately making people’s lives better.

Help others achieve healthier lives

At AECC University College, using and understanding research evidence is at the heart of everything we do. 

Take part in current research or study a PhD. We're here to provide you with the platform to grow your ideas using our wealth of research, and the experience and specialisms of our academic staff. 

Be a part of shaping the healthcare of the future.

We pride ourselves on innivation, and our rich history of pioneering advances within the health sector. Collaboration and creating new knowledge is central to our activity as a science based University College and evidence based research is at the heart of everything we do. 

Be a part of our projects and partnerships and improve communities by finding solutions to helping others achieve healthier lives. 

As a small and focused institution, your input will be key to solving significant problems. Find solutions to helping others achieve healthier lives, supporting positive environments and improving communities. We work alongside numerous professional organisations including other universities within and outside the UK. 

Digital health research 

Digital health research is big on our agenda. Would you like to be at the forefront of research into digital approaches to health and wellbeing? Pursue the monitoring and supporting of healthy living with high-tech methods, with extra time and space for expert and compassionate human interaction supporting more natural, low-tech and hands-on routes to healthcare where appropriate.

Our commitment to widening collaboration in our research effort means we welcome anyone with interests or expertise to join us in forging the healthcare of the future. We have a vision of how things could be. Could you be part of making that happen?  Find out more about getting involved with our dedicated research centres and latest research projects. 




Transforming lives through Research. AECC University College present four research centres and invite collaborations.

Latest research

Latest research

At AECC University College we put research at the heart of everything we do. Discover our latest projects and find out how we impact on health sciences and respond to challenges of keeping people fit, healthy and living a positive lifestyle.

Research integrity

Research integrity

We apply a high quality and robust practice across all our research processes. Here you'll be able to find out how we lay out the foundations for the proper conduct of research, our standards and the responsibility for upholding our research and evidence based ethos.