Speed Meet Recruitment Event

Once again we hosted our annual Speed Meet recruitment event in the Clinic. A number of our final year students were presented with the fantastic opportunity to meet 27 practices from all over the UK. Each student got to meet every practice for 10 minutes, providing a great opportunity not only for the students to find employment, but for the practices to meet many of our final years. Five of the practices were also based in reception, able to talk to students when they were free.

The event was a great success with many students and practice representatives choosing to stay behind after the event in the AECC bar for further conversations. We asked some of the practices to pass on some wisdom to our students - a few of the comments are below: 

“Well done on arriving at the start of the rest of your career!  You have joined an incredible profession, be proud of it and always do your best to represent us to the best of your abilities.”

Kay Pearce, Maristow Chiropractic Clinic

“Treasure everyday victories you have with patients, like a mum holding her baby without pain and giving patients the opportunity to do things you should be able to do, and can’t.”

Donna Strachan, Chiro & Physio Clinic – Wirral

“You need to find a good clinic where you can develop your skills then you can go and achieve yourself.”

William Hawthorne, Macclesfield Chiropractic

We’ll share more words of wisdom from our visiting chiropractors on our Instagram page. We had some great feedback from the event and will be looking forward to running more recruitment events to support our students in future!