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Take 5 minutes to read up on the latest research news coming out of AECC University College. In this update, we take a look at our Centre for Biomechanics Research (CBR) and their recent visit to Washington DC, an update from Director of Research Dr Dave Newell, and the announcement of Dr Stewart Cotterill's latest publication.

Centre for Biomechanics Research
Dr Alex Breen (pictured) Speaks at Walter Reed

An overview of the work our new Centre for Biomechanics Research (CBR) was presented by Dr Alex Breen at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in Washington DC in January. The seminar was about the Centre’s work into the individualised biomechanics of the lumbar spine to help with the diagnosis of nonspecific back pain. This was part of a series of visits that were funded by a Travelling Fellowship awarded by the UK Society for Back Pain Research.

Walter Reed is the world’s largest military hospital and one particular focus for research in its Biomechanics Lab is the rehabilitation of lower limb amputees. It has recently turned its attention to the biomechanics of back pain in this population, which Alex’s PhD work addressed. However, the work of the CBR goes wider and the audience was also exposed to results of studies of the prevention of disc swelling in astronauts for the European Space Agency and a new method for determining the loads on the individual segments of the lumbar spine using quantitative fluoroscopy and MRI.

We were very fortunate to have received this and other grant support that has allowed us to engage with expert groups in multidisciplinary settings across the world and enhance the multidisciplinary focus of the AECC University College. It also allowed us receive important inputs from a range of experts at meetings and conferences starting with the 9th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Singapore in November 2016, and including Odense, Antwerp, Oslo, Orlando and Berlin. All this has led to new collaborations with research centres at Cardiff, Exeter and Aalborg Universities.

Director of Research Update
Dr Dave Newell, Director of Research

In early February, Dave Newell the Research Director of the University College gave a seminar to the Primary Care and Population Science Research Group at University of Southampton covering a description of the modern chiropractic profession, the evidence underpinning conservative care, as provided by the profession for musculoskeletal pain conditions such as low back pain and outlining plans for a 5 year research programme at the University of Southampton exploring models of chiropractic care delivery that may enable the profession to help support the substantial MSK burden within primary care. This project, funded by the Chiropractic Research Council involves funding not only for Dr Dave Newell but further PhDs to support this work.

A number of University College academics and senior management attended the Royal College of Chiropractors AGM last Wednesday. The theme of the meeting was public health and a number of prestigious presenters including  Ann Gates, Founder and CEO of Exercise Works Ltd and the Royal Society of Public Heaths’ Director of External Affairs and Marketing Duncan Stephenson talked about how the chiropractic profession could impact public health agendas and efforts in their interaction with patients in everyday practice. AECC Univerity College has previously carried out research exploring these issues and we feel that our University College voice, aspirations and expertise aligns strongly with RSPH’s efforts. To this end the University College will be exploring further relationships with the RSPH in the future as we believe our graduates are well placed to help to influence positive change in their work both as clinicians and other specialised health providers with the patients and clients they care for.

In addition, over the weekend, Dave also gave a seminar at LKR, the Swedish chiropractic association concerning the influence of clinical patient interactions within the chiropractic therapeutic encounter. This on the back of published research earlier in 2017.

Psychology of Performance
Dr Stewart Cotterill's latest book publication launches next month

Head of School of Health, Wellbeing and Performance, Dr Stewart Cotterill has been busy establishing our new School, but alongside his busy schedule sees the publication of his latest book, 'Psychology of Performance', part of the new Routledge 'Psychology of Everything' series. The School are currently working on research projects, and once these are further developed we'll be displaying the research on the website so do frequently check for updates.

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