Physio Matters TV Documentary: Integrating Multi-disciplinary Ideas into Clinical Practice and Education

The team from Physio Matters, a team of MSK therapists, recently visited AECC University College to film a deep-dive documentary into how we are approaching person-centred rehabilitation for their first-ever TV episode which went on air this week.

The team interviewed staff, students and those involved in developing our courses, as well as patients and the public to make an independent review of our ethos for true inter-professional education and multi-disciplinary care with patients at the centre. The full episode can be seen here.

The documentary provides a great discussion on how our new and innovative multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centre and our ‘triad’ of education, research and clinical care singles us out as such a unique institution in the UK higher education environment.

In the documentary, Jack Chew from Physio Matters says: “Culturally, I’m impressed on how they are on a mission – everyone is, from the top down… And they are being innovative to let us come along an interrogate it. I’m really impressed. The structure is good and sound… if this is the future of MSK practice, I think they’ve done a lot of the hard stuff actually… They are investing heavy on this stuff, and then walking the walk… I can’t believe it really.”

The documentary covers interviews with AECC University College’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lesley Haig, our Director of Clinical and Rehabilitation Services, Dr Neil Langridge, our Chiropractic Clinic Lead, Daniel Heritage, our Clinical Imaging Lead, Matthew Southam, and our BSc (Hons) Sport, Exercise and Health Science Course Lead, Phill Heritage.