'On Your Feet AECC University College Community!'

Today is 'On Your Feet Britain' – a national activity awareness day that encourages people to sit less and move more at work or when studying.

It's important to reboot and energise your workplace and study habits...and get moving.

Research shows that regular movement throughout the day leads to:

πŸ’œ Better health
πŸ’œ Increased motivation
πŸ’œ Improved concentration
πŸ’œ And many, many more wellbeing and performance benefits

Make some simple changes - it’s easier than you think:

πŸ‘£ Stand during phone calls
πŸ‘£ Stand and take a break from your computer/reading every 30 minutes
πŸ‘£ Use the stairs more
πŸ‘£ Arrange standing or walking meetings / group study sessions
πŸ‘£ Eat your lunch away from your desk / place of study
πŸ‘£ Walk to a colleague's / peer's desk instead of phoning, messaging or emailing them
πŸ‘£ Stand at the back of the room during presentations

At AECC University College we are encouraging staff and students to challenge themselves - see how much you can reduce your β€œsitting time” and take a walk!