MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation student, Abbie Lovell – Student Profile

Abbie Lovell studies our MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation degree here at AECC University College.

She tells us more about why she chose this postgraduate degree, how she juggles seeing her patients, studying on the course, and family life, and her ambitions for the future.

Degree in Sports Therapy

“I finished my undergraduate degree in Sports Therapy about 10 years ago now. Since then, I’ve worked with London Irish Rugby Club and Bournemouth Football Club – and have also worked as Head of Rehabilitation at clinics in Hampstead in London and in Ringwood. For the past five years, I have also worked for myself, seeing patients in my own clinic.

“During the course of my career, my professional focus has definitely shifted. I used to solely want to work with sports injuries, preventing and treating injuries in professional and amateur athletes and sportsmen and women.

“Since then, I’ve also taken a course in Pilates, which I now teach one-on-one, and I also completed the MSK Ultrasound Short Course at AECC University College, which was great.”

Change of direction

“Going on maternity leave after having my daughter really gave me the chance to contemplate my career and the direction it’s going.

“I am now working towards becoming a Pelvic Health Specialist, something that I feel really passionate about after having my daughter and seeing just how little follow-up there really is for women in terms of their pelvic health.

“Issues with pelvic health can be treated and there’s so much that women can do to both prevent issues and also aid recovery.

“The MSc Sport and Rehabilitation degree at AECC University College is allowing to expand my knowledge and will help me achieve my next goal. It feels so different studying this time.

“When I did my undergraduate degree, I saw it purely as a means to qualifying and becoming a Sports Therapist. Now that I’m older, this postgraduate degree is a means to learn as much as I can from the degree.”

Highlights of the course

“The course itself is really interesting. Next term, we have a module in Cardiac Rehabilitation, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve never studied that before and I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

“It might be surprising to hear, but I’m really looking forward to writing my dissertation! I know that I’d really like to focus on pelvic health and, specifically, pelvic health treatment that allows women to return to the exercise they were doing before they became pregnant.

“It’s often when women come to the later stages of their postpartum recovery and they start trying to do exercise that they realise that they might have an issue."

Balancing studying with work and family life

“I balance this Masters with continuing to see patients in my clinic and looking after my daughter – you just have to be highly organised and put structure in place to make it manageable.

“Now we’re in a routine, it works well. I have a few days a week where I focus on studying, lectures and seeing patients – and I also make lots of time for my daughter too. The laptop comes out when she goes to sleep and before she wakes up!

“I’m considering also doing a Masters in Physiotherapy: I want to be the most qualified that I can be!”

Proud to be AECC

“I’ve met a number of Chiropractors who trained at AECC University College during my career and have been really impressed by them. Doing the CPD course in Ultrasound also gave me the opportunity to see the campus and facilities – both of which I really liked. There’s so much on offer here, it’s brilliant.”

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