Two new therapy courses open for applications

This week saw two new courses, MSc Speech and Language Therapy (pre-registration) and MSc Occupational Therapy (pre-registration), officially welcome potential applicants to apply for the January 2023 intake.

These pre-registration courses are the latest additions to the exciting roster of postgraduate courses at AECC University College. They offer an opportunity for graduates of health sciences and or similar backgrounds to gain the skills require to qualify and register as professional Speech and Language, or Occupational Therapists.

The courses are expected to draw the attention of aspiring therapists, who will be pleased to learn that they can now study both options at the specialist health sciences university in Bournemouth.

Applicants can come from a variety of health sciences backgrounds and will look to apply their previous experience and learning into a challenging, innovative learning environment.

Head of the School of Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology Stewart Cotterill said;

“I’m delighted that both our Speech and Language Therapy and our Occupational Therapy courses are now open for applications. These courses have been developed and launched in direct response to the need of our local healthcare profession. We have worked closely with both our local NHS trusts and private practices to ensure the curriculum for these new courses is well aligned to their needs. As a result, we will be developing Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists who will be work-ready in a breadth of employment opportunities in the local region.”


The MSc Speech and Language Therapy offers applicants a fast-track pathway into a rewarding career as a speech and language therapist. The course will empower students to diagnose speech and language problems in babies, children and adults, and design and deliver life-changing treatment plans for those with cleft palate, stammering, hearing impairments, voice disorders and other conditions.

Visit the MSc Speech and Language Therapy course page

female speech and language therapist helping young female patient they both hold two fingers to thier throats


The MSc Occupational Therapy offers applicants the chance to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to excel working with patients of all ages who have or are experiencing physical, mental health or learning difficulties.

Visit the MSc Occupational Therapy course page

 occupational therapist helping patient in a wheelchair