MSc Medical Ultrasound student, David Schwab, talks postgraduate study and placements

As a current student of the School of Medical Ultrasound, David Schwab has certainly made the most out of opportunities at AECC University College, particularly when it comes to making his study work for him, and fit around his professional and home life.

Originating from Germany, David studies on our postgraduate course in MSc Medical Ultrasound via distance based learning from the comfort of his chiropractic clinic in Germany.

“The MSc Medical Ultrasound course at AECC University College is pretty unique in Europe, or at least in Germany. There’s not a quality programme that exists such as the one here at AECC University College. The School of Medical Ultrasound combine expertly qualified teaching staff and a real dedication to developing a student’s skill. In my opinion there’s no better place to study this type of course.”

David began his postgraduate in 2015, but took a year out to celebrate the birth of his child.

“That’s the great thing about my experience; it was really flexible and the teachers were so understanding when it came to me taking a break from my studies.”

He returned after a year to continue his postgraduate MSc in Medical Ultrasound.

“Working in private practice, there’s rarely any time for dedicated training or coaching because you’re always so busy. There’s just so little time for referring to colleagues, so I invested in my own professional development and learned a new skill which has been invaluable.”

David Schwab, MSc Medical Ultrasound alumni

Now you can find David right here on our Parkwood Campus, carrying out a placement with our School of Medical Ultrasound.

“It's strange, but it's such a fantastic opportunity to do a placement here. I studied from afar, but now I’m here on a placement working with the experts who trained me, and using the best Samsung ultrasound equipment around. I fly in from Germany for two days to get to grips with processes, learn new techniques and use the latest technology, and most importantly scan patients in a busy ultrasound clinic. I'm enjoying every moment.”

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