Helen Piercy - Staff Profile

We love that AECC University College is such a close-knit community, so we’d like to introduce you to some of the support staff who are here to help you during your time here.

Introducing… Helen Piercy, Senior Clinic Receptionist at AECC University College’s Chiropractic Clinic:

Can you tell us about your role at the Chiropractic Clinic and provide some examples of what you do on a day-to-day basis?

“I work as part of the Reception Team at AECC University College’s Chiropractic Clinic. We manage patient bookings for chiropractic appointments, as well as dealing with enquiries for other services offered here such as MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and GP referrals.

“We ensure that every visitor feels welcome at the clinic – we’re aware that some patients may be in discomfort when arriving for their appointments or may feel apprehensive about their treatment, so we have processes is in place to accommodate this.

“Many of our patients come to us following recommendation from their friends and family who have benefited from chiropractic treatment here, which is nice to know.”

How long have you been working at the Chiropractic Clinic?

“I've worked in the clinic for 10 years and it's a lovely place to work.”

How is the Reception Team structured at the Chiropractic Clinic and how do you work together?

“We have staff that work morning shifts and afternoon shifts to match the hours worked by the student chiropractors.

“Appointments are available from 09:30 until 17:30 Monday to Friday and we have a group of students that work the morning shift to lunchtime, and a group that work in the afternoon – since the pandemic it has been necessary for them to work in groups to manage the number in at any one time.

“We're a really close-knit team who help each other out to always ensure the smooth running of the clinic every day.”

How do you support students in-and-out of the Chiropractic Clinic?

“We help students to manage their diaries with their patient appointments and assist them in dealing with any problems or queries they may have. We also work closely with the clinic tutors to help support the students.”

Can you tell us about some of the experiences that the students might have whilst in the Chiropractic Clinic?

“Students have the opportunity to observe other aspects of the clinic whilst they are on placement here. For example, the MRI department, the Rehabilitation and Exercise Centre, Ultrasound and X-ray. They also have the opportunity to spend time with us at Clinic Reception to get a feel for how the day-to-day clinic is run. This gives them a great opportunity to see all aspects of the Clinic.”

Can students work with paediatric patients in the Chiropractic Clinic?

“Yes, we have the facility for paediatric appointments here. It's a very popular service and babies come in from as young as a week, up to the age of five years old. The service is led by tutors but the students get a great opportunity to have experience in paediatric appointments.”  


To make an appointment or speak to AECC University College’s Chiropractic Clinic, please call 01202 436222. You can also make an appointment via the online form on our website here.

Our 4th and 5th year student chiropractors work under the supervision of our qualified chiropractic tutors and are here to help diagnose and treat all types of pain management and injuries. They can also provide advice on exercise, diet, lifestyle and injury prevention and are one of the most trusted chiropractic treatment and teaching facilities in the country.

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