GP training at AECC

Last month saw the latest in a six year run of final year trainee GP's attending the AECC to spend a day with our interns and clinical staff. This was the largest group we have had so far, with 45 GP Registrars and their supervisors, as well as Consultant Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgeon Mr Andrew Hilton in attendance.

The day provided an excellent opportunity to show the GPs our facilities and to outline the nature of chiropractic education as well as the range of MSK services available at the AECC. The doctors were demonstrated some simple physical and chiropractic examination procedures andadvised on patient self-care for back pain, along with some aspects of how and why we would assess function and performance in the asymptomatic individual.

It is fantastic to be able to see the two professions working more closely together now, and it is an experience that we feel provides a strong platform on which to further mutual respect and learning from each other.