Gary Schild - Staff Profile

We love that AECC University College is such a close-knit community. For those of you who have just started here with us, we’d like to introduce you to some of the support staff who are here to help you during your time at AECC University College.

Introducing…Gary Schild:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role?  

“My name is Gary and I am the Catering Manager here at AECC University College. I run the Campus Café along with Paul.

“In my previous working life, I spent 26 years in the Royal Air Force and was a Contracts Manager for a large catering company prior to joining the AECC University College.

“In my role, I am continually looking to develop the catering service that we provide our customers and we try our best to offer food for everyone – healthy, vegan, gluten free etc.”

How long have you been working here?  

“I have been working here now for 6 years and 9 months.”

Where can new students find you on campus?

“Now that the refurbishment has been completed, you will find me in the kitchen or my office in the exit corridor of the Campus Café.   

“If you have ideas on what you'd like to see on the menu, my door is always open.”

How do you support new students?

“I will always do my best in supporting all students and staff, and would be more than happy to discuss any dietary needs with new starters.

“If there is something particular that you would like us to provide, then let me know and I will happily look into available options.”

What are your top tips for new students?

“AECC University College offers a fantastic environment to learn and you will not be on your own.

“You should not be shy in asking for help and support if you need it – as staff members we are here to help and support all students, and it is so rewarding to see students graduate after the efforts they have put into successfully completing their courses.”


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