Festival of Learning delivered by the AECC

Want to find out more about how we measure human movement and athletic performance?

Festival of learning 2015

Come along to our free Festival of Learning open afternoon at 2pm, then again at 5pm on Tuesday 14th July, demonstrating how we assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction in relation to everyday activities - as well as sports performance and injury prevention.

The sessions will be hosted by Neil Osborne and Vanessa Shead, accompanied by student volunteers, and take place at the AECC Clinic. 


There will be a short talk on what chiropractic care really is and it will include self-help ways to prevent musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Additionally, we will be conducting functional assessments highlighting individual areas for improvement, and there will be interactive ‘stations’ demonstrating corrective exercise techniques that we use to improve the postural dysfunction that we observe.

These will focus on:

  • joint mobility
  • muscle flexibility
  • motor control
  • and balance

The Biodex Balance System and Biodex Gait Trainer II will be set up for demonstrations of assessing outcomes measures that we can use to assess performance and improvement in these two areas specifically. Any willing member of the public can take part in the above.

There will be also demonstrations on the technical equipment that we use for isokinetic muscle strength testing and rehabilitation and neck injury assessment - so come along and join us and have a fantastic time enjoying learning something new.