Collaborative Research brings us closer to locating strain points in patient spines.

Collaborative research funded by the Chiropractic Research Charity (CRC) is bringing us closer to being able to locate the strain points in individual patient spines.

The CRC is supporting collaborative research between IMRCI (The Institute for Musculoskeletal Research & Clinical Implementation, based at the AECC) and the Exeter Biophysics Group to combine the motion from Quantitative Fluoroscopy sequences with tissue architecture on 3D images from MRI to work out the load distributions between vertebrae during spinal movements.

The method uses ‘finite element modelling’ which applies individual values from individual patients to a mathematical ‘mesh’ that represents all the features (width, depth, velocity, compressibility) of a set of vertebral linkages. As described by Professor Alan Breen and Dr Jonathan Branney at the BCA / AECC Anniversary Conference last year, the aim is to ‘look inside’ patients in much greater detail in the future.