Chiropractic Clinics Remain Open Throughout Lockdown

Senior Clinic Tutor, Daniel Heritage, explains that the Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College is open throughout lockdown. He tells us more about the kinds of stresses and strains that a change in routine and working from home are putting on our bodies and how the Chiropractic Clinic can help: 

Open during lockdown

“During this lockdown, Chiropractors (like Physiotherapists and Osteopaths) have been identified as important healthcare services and Clinics have been told that they can remain open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is great news, not least because by remaining open we are helping to take some pressure off of the NHS.

“We have found that lots of patients have been pleasantly surprised that we are open. We’re receiving tentative calls to the Clinic from people who call on the off-chance that we might be open, who are relieved to find that we are.

“We have lots of safety processes in place. It is now mandatory for all staff and students who work in the clinic building to undertake Asymptomatic Testing for Covid-19 before undertaking clinical duties.

“All staff wear PPE and we have introduced new procedures, protective equipment and tape marking social distancing.”

A new normal

“Clinic staff and students have become well-used to the new requirements of wearing PPE and regular testing. It’s started to feel normal to us now.

“Patients who used to see us prior to the pandemic and have now returned also feel that our new way of working is normal. They have got used to the routine and know what to expect. It’s great that they feel comfortable.”

Stresses on the body during lockdown

“A lot of people are working from home at the moment and therefore aren’t experiencing the best ergonomic set-ups. From necessity or choice, they might be working from a laptop on their bed, or on the sofa, and being in these kinds of positions for long periods puts different pressures and strains on their bodies.

“Working like this is very different for the body than working in usual working environments, such as offices. We’ve seen a lot of patients recently who are in this situation, experiencing an increase in back pain, mechanical neck pain and headaches arising from the neck.

“Individuals who aren’t working at the moment might be finding they are more sedentary than they are used to being. Some people have decided they will use this time to do some DIY on their house and may have hurt themselves doing so.

“It’s unusual activities like this that can lead to strain: if a person is bending or twisting in ways they aren’t used to, or carrying and moving heavy items, they might find themselves in pain.

“They might simply be moving things around at home to make the house work for home schooling, working from home, and running family life.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in patients experiencing lower back pain for this reason.”

Get the support you need

“People shouldn’t be afraid to get in touch with us about their pain due to the pandemic. Some people experience new aches and pains but hope that these will resolve on their own. Generally speaking, if after a few days your symptoms aren’t settling down, it’s sensible to seek some advice.”

Seeking help from the Clinic

“It might be that you just need some advice from us and that we can give you some exercises that you can do at home.

“Initially, we’ll arrange a telephone appointment if you are looking for help with pain. If we feel it’s appropriate after this assessment, we’ll ask you to come in for an examination. We can give you some advice on how to manage your discomfort and if needed we can organise a treatment plan where you come and see us.

“It’s important to say that if we aren’t able to help, we’ll guide you to the best healthcare professional that will be able to help.”

You can find out more about our Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College here.

Daniel Heritage stood smiling

Above: Daniel Heritage