Big success for GP on-site training event

Recently the AECC hosted an event which saw 44 GP's come to the college for a day of training in what chiropractic is and how useful it can be for their patients. Programme Director Dr Stephen Tomkins commented on the day: 

GP Training Event
"As a program director with Wessex Deanery, I am part of the team teaching doctors in their final year of general Practice speciality training. After the successful completion of this course the doctors become the next generation of general practitioners, who are now the corner stone of the NHS and the lead commissioners of future NHS services.
A few years ago I realised that chiropractor  treatment was becoming widely accepted as an option in the management of many conditions and part of the gold standard treatment of lower back pain as endorsed by NICE ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).
The doctors I teach have all spent a minimum of five years at medical school and five years as a postgraduate doctor on further training schemes – during  this time most have not had one minute of education on what chiropractors do, how are they trained, what conditions and how they treat patients , and how they fit into the wider health care professional team. This was something that needed to be addressed.
Over the last few years I have been bring a few doctors to a session run by Dr N Osborne run at the AECC, to try and rectify this knowledge gap in their training. This has proven so successful this year – we managed to bring the whole year group.
Today forty four doctors attended the AECC, for an afternoon of education, and group work with some of the final year AECC students. We were able to experience a vast amount of high quality learning – including viewing the gym and being shown various bits or equipment and how they would be or therapeutic benefit, we learned a few additional examination skills, and had a demonstration of a manipulation. However, the most impressive part of the day was working in small groups with the final year AECC students – it showed the great knowledge base they had, and shocked a lot of the doctors by the massive overlap in our understanding of disease and therapeutic interventions. Lots of the doctors fed back that they were impressed with the additional skills the chiropractors possessed that do not appear anywhere else in the NHS, and felt very strongly that chiropractor treatment, as demonstrated by the AECC should become a standard part of the armoury available for referral by all primary care clinicians.
The doctors I have brought today will certainly now be far more prepared to encourage patients in the direction of chiropractor treatment and embrace the idea of closer working between the two professions.
A great learning experience and I hope we get invited to return again next year."