AECC statement on EU referendum

Following the decision by the British public to leave the European Union, there are undoubtedly many questions concerning what changes we could see to the higher education sector and how it could affect students, future and current, and staff. Although it is early days, leaving the European Union does not mean there will be any immediate material change to the UK university sector. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty foresees a two-year negotiation process between the UK and other Member States, during which time the terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union will be decided. We are unsure when the two-year negotiation period will begin, although it has been suggested it could be this Autumn, in line with the appointment of the new Prime Minister. It is at this point that we are likely to have a greater level of detail around what leaving the European Union will mean for the higher education sector.

In the mean-time, I would like to reassure you that the immigration status of EU students and staff based at AECC and in other European countries has not changed at present. Any changes to immigration status will be decided by the Government and we will update all staff and students when we have more information. We will also be working with GuildHE and the wider higher education sector to ensure we remain informed about the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union and what implications it will have for universities.