A fantastic turnout for Bournemouth Open Upright MRI launch

We were thrilled to welcome Eddie Howe, manager of Premiership hopefuls, AFC Bournemouth and Richard Evans, CEO of the Society and College of Radiographers to the college yesterday to open our Bournemouth Open Upright MRI scanner.

As one of only four of its kind in the country, the brand new MRI scanner will revolutionise the way patients are scanned as it is open and upright, bringing benefit to claustrophobic patients, elite athletes and others in need of an MRI service.

As the scanner is open to the sky it can minimise the closed in feeling that many patients experience in a traditional scanner, providing great comfort, particularly to those who are claustrophobic (a condition that affects as much as 10% of the UK population). It is also useful for patients that cannot be scanned lying flat as there is the ability to sit or even stand in the scanner.

Joanna Poulter who visited the new facility after a bad experience on a traditional MRI commented: “Well what can I say. The radiographer that looked after me couldn't have been more caring and made the experience a lot less stressful than the time I went to London and tried to have a MRI scan. The staff made the time fly by, talked to me and reassured me at all times. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI scanner to my friends and family.”

The million pound investment is housed within the onsite clinic at The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and combined with the college’s existing facilities; the MRI makes the AECC’s special imaging services the best in the world.

Premiership hopefuls AFC Bournemouth are regularly treated at the clinic. Eddie commented: “I’ve been in a lot of MRI scanners in my time and this one is totally different, it’s always been quite an unusual experience in such a confined space and people that do suffer from claustrophobia can really suffer badly with these scanners, so to get the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI available to the general public will be of huge benefit and mean that more people will be scanned in a much more comfortable environment which can benefit everybody.”

Eddie went on say of AFC Bournemouth’s relationship with the college “Our partnership here has been very beneficial to us, its helped us get players back fit quicker and not just the treatment we receive but also the facilities here are first class it’s been a real benefit to us.”