Our Work with Sixth Forms and FE Colleges

Discover our offer for sixth forms and FE Colleges. Please feel free to get in touch if we can support your students with the subjects in a more useful format. Please contact our Access & Participation Team at WideningAccess@aecc.ac.uk to discuss further.

Campus Visits

Our campus visits includes a campus tour, 'What Is University?' talk and a student life presentation, giving pupils a chance to hear from one of our students about their experiences of studying at university.

Careers Talks and Assemblies

We offer careers talks on many different careers in Health Sciences including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging and Radiography, Sports Rehabilitation, Psychology and Sports Psychology. Our Health Sciences specialist team can also offer guest lectures on a number of PSHE topics including staying healthy, healthy eating, the importance of being active and more…

University Talks

We deliver talks on various aspects of applying to, and studying at University. These include preparing for an open day and writing personal statements, through to study skills for University, student life at a small institution and preparing for success at University.

Inset Days and CPD for Teachers

We can provide update sessions on admissions processes and institute specific courses and policies. We can also offer subject specific CPD on a number of science, sport and health based topics – please contact us to discuss.

Research Experiential Workshops – ‘Research project in a day’

This interactive workshop will guide your students through conducting a research project from start to finish.
Starting with a talk on research from our Research Methods lecturer, students will go on to plan their project and the methods they will use, collect data from their classmates, analyse their findings and produce a poster of their results. Students can be guided towards a subject to research by AECC staff, or if studying a science based subject, can bring a topic relevant to the curriculum with them to investigate.

Biology Curriculum Enrichment Talks and Guest Lectures

Our anatomy and physiology lecturers can support learning in a number of areas of the biology curriculum, either at school or on campus in our specialist dry models lab using models to assist understanding.

Sports Performance Testing

School groups studying GCSE or BTEC P.E. regularly come onsite for bespoke performance testing workshops to help them turn theory into practice in our specialist Sports Performance Laboratory. Please contact us to discuss topics, tests and availability.

Sports and Exercise Science Taster Day

We offer Sports and Exercise Science Taster Days for students considering studying a Sports and Exercise Science subject at University. These days will typically include a campus tour, lecture or talk, practical workshop and testing session in the Sports Performance Centre. Plesae contact us to discuss content and availability.

Psychology Taster Day

We offer Psychology Taster Days for students considering studying a Psychology subject at University. These days will typically include a campus tour, lecture or talk, practical workshop and testing session. Contact us to discuss content and availability.

A-Level Psychology Guest Lectures

We can work with you to develop a lecture or series of guest lectures to support your A-Level Psychology students. Topics we offer lectures and/or workshops in include:

- Approaches in Psychology

- Research Methods

- Social Psychology (e.g. types of conformity, obedience, resistance to social influence, prejudice, individual differences)

- Bio/ Biological Psychology (e.g. nervous system, structure of the brain, neurons, localisation of function, brain plasticity, ways of studying the brain)

- Cognitive Psychology (e.g. memory, individual differences, measuring differences, attention, personality)

- Addiction (e.g. describing, risk factors, gambling addiction and technology addiction, behaviour change)

- Health Psychology (e.g. addiction, behaviour change, psychological dependency)

- Sport and Exercise Psychology (e.g. arousal and anxiety, exercise and mental health, motivation, personality, audience effects)

Psychology Testing Day

Students can gain experience of running and participating in a range of psychology-focused data collection tests, including: visual perception, attention, visual search, and virtual reality. As well as observing other testing such as Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, which measures active areas of the brain.

Health Careers Experiential Event

This interactive day will enable your students to encounter a number of health professionals including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, Sonographers, Sports Physiologists and Psychologists as they work through a case study and consult as to how they would assess, diagnose and treat the patient.

Medical Physics and Imaging Workshop

Students will learn about the physics of x-rays and ultrasound. This workshop can be delivered as a guest talk at school or on campus with a demonstration of the imaging equipment available at AECC University College.

The Physiology of Medical Tests Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn about the physiology of standard clinical examination procedures including heart sounds, lung sounds, blood pressure and heart rate. Exact content can be agreed with school to fit with curriculum requirements.

Anatomy and Physiology Revision Day

This half-day session will cover pre-agreed systems of the human body and will usually include both lab and practical sessions to bring the topic to life.

Study Skills Workshop

This half day workshop explores various study skills including writing essays, critical thinking and referencing. This can be particularly useful at the start of Year 12 to prepare students for post-16 studies.

Non-residential Summer School

Students can choose to focus on a Chiropractic, Psychology or Sports and Exercise Science pathway, and over the three days will experience lectures, labs and practical sessions in their chose subject. The summer school finishes with a celebration event during which students will present back their projects completed during the summer school. Teachers, parents and family members are welcome to attend this to celebrate their achievements.

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