Linn Erixon-Sahlstrom, Graduating Class of 2017, Master of Chiropractic

"It is an amazing feeling to be able to help patients with only the use of your brain and hands!"

I started my Master of Chiropractic course at the AECC University College in 2012 and graduate in 2017. Previously I was working within advertising as a copywriter and as a movie magazine editor.

I am also delighted to have secured a 3 year PhD post partly funded by the University College and BU. My PhD will explore the impact of contextual effects (positive or neutral language) on outcomes in LBP patients undergoing chiropractic care. I will be collaborating with a multi institution supervisory/advisory team including Dave Newell, Carol Clarke and Claire Killingback (BU) and Felicity Bishop (Southampton Uni) this PhD brings together three universities with shared knowledge and expertise.

Linn’s Top 3 Achievements from studying the AECC University College

  1. Being awarded the Elite Scholarship Achievement throughout the years.
  2. Starting and running the University College Running Club.
  3. Graduating with both a BSc Human Sciences and an MSc, which enables me to do a PHD.

Linn’s Top 3 Highlights from the Master of Chiropractic

  1. The clinical experience where you put theory into practice.
  2. The clinical tutors; an amazing opportunity to learn from truly skilled practitioners with so much experience in different areas.
  3. The Masters dissertation; research is not only vital for the health of a profession, but it is also really exciting!   

 Linn’s Top 3 tips for students thinking about studying Chiropractic

  1. To be clear with your goal; why do you want to study chiropractic? And remember this when times get tough.
  2. You get back what you put in; work hard and you will be rewarded. Remember to enjoy it as well!
  3. It is an amazing feeling to be able to help patients with only the use of your brain and hands!

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