Kay Pearce, Class of 2001 Master of Chiropractic and MSc Medical Ultrasound graduate

"My anatomical knowledge has exploded exponentially!"

I wanted to be a Chiropractor from the age of 14 after a school work experience visit to a local clinic. Determined to follow the dream, I graduated from AECC University College in 2001 and opened a clinic in Wiltshire in 2003. Following a special interest in treating sporting injuries I completed the International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma (ICSSD) in 2006.

This opened up opportunities to work at elite sporting events and I was selected as a “Gamesmaker" for the 2012 Paralympic games as part of the medical services team. I have recently been selected to work in the medical team at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London. 

I have been a European Instructor for Graston Technique and since 2012 has instructed alongside her good friend and former AECC University College class mate, Donna Strachan in IASTM techniques to the likes of The Welsh RFU and Cardiff FC. In 2015 I was honoured as a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors in recognition of her continuous work and dedication to improving the profession with a clear focus on self-improvement aimed at providing the very best chiropractic care and am currently the director of academic affairs for the Sports and Exercise Faculty.

After returning to AECC University College I have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (PgDip), which is the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE) accredited course, recognised by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS). This allows me to use diagnostic ultrasound to accurately diagnose many musculoskeletal injuries, give a more specific prognosis and provide a specific treatment plan in day to day clinical practice and also build a referral pathway for local practitioners to send their patients for scans. 

Kay’s Top 3 Achievements from studying the AECC University College

  1. Immediate employment
  2. A lifelong network of professional connections and friends
  3. Being part of an incredible profession and having a career I am proud of

Kay’s Top 3 Highlights from the MSc Medical Ultrasound course

  1. My anatomical knowledge has exploded exponentially!  
  2. Working alongside the highest skilled and most experienced sonographers in the country with a wealth of clinical expertise. 
  3. The refectory! I only ate there 3 times in total as an undergraduate but now with an income looked forward to Thursday menus - especially Indian Chickpea soup!

Kay’s Top 3 tips for students thinking about studying Ultrasound

  1. Don’t get carried away scanning exciting pathology early on - get the normal anatomy perfect first!
  2. Ensure you have equipment to practise on - scanning on placements days alone makes it difficult to retain all new information! Team up with a fellow student with access to a machine if needed. 
  3. Practice, practice....oh, and practice! 

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