Jim Moxon, MSc Medical Ultrasound

"Getting lots of supervised scanning time was fantastic."

I am the Academy Doctor at Liverpool FC. I graduated from Sheffield University in 2004 and gained a diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Bath University in 2012.  I'm a lifelong sporting fanatic. I completed the MSc Medical Ultrasound course at AECC University College and I am now studying for a Phd.

I began working in professional football in 2008 at Sheffield Wednesday, where I was involved in covering the academy team and development squads. In 2011, I joined Chesterfield FC and was responsible for the care of the first team. In 2012, I was part of the medical team at the aquatic centre during the London Olympics and was appointed as Chief Medical Officer at Sheffield United in 2013; responsible for first team and academy medical care until leaving to join Liverpool in 2016.

I have extensive experience of the medical demands of rugby league and I've worked for Hull Kingston Rovers for four seasons. In my spare time, I run, climb and cycle, having completed the Lands End to John O’ Groats bike ride in 2011. I really enjoy triathlons, half marathons and reading sports biographies. 

Jim’s Top 3 Achievements from studying at AECC University College 

  1. Being able to use ultrasound to detect inguinal hernia and posterior wall deficits was fantastic.
  2. Ultrasound has become a useful adjunct to my examination
  3. Developing skills in dynamic scanning.

Jim’s Top 3 Highlights from the MSc Medical Ultrasound course

  1. Getting lots of supervised scanning time was fantastic.
  2. Expanding my ultrasound guided injection skills, particularly involving the hip joint.
  3. Learning useful anatomical landmarks to help guide scanning.

Jim’s Top 3 tips for postgraduate students thinking about studying 

  1. Make sure you have access to a good quality machine, it makes a massive difference.
  2. Practice, practice, practice, practice – it takes time to ‘get your head’ round particular views but once it clicks then it makes much more sense.
  3. Know your limits – sometimes ultrasound isn’t the right investigation or sometimes someone more experienced is the best person to carry out the scan.

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