Antonia Oakes, Class of 2014, Master of Chiropractic

"One of my top highlights from the course is meeting new friends and being well integrated with lots of different nationalities"

Most weeks are pretty hectic if I'm honest but I enjoy it and I love studying the Masters of Chiropractic course. Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday's and Fridays are 5:30/6am starts to ride before patients or lectures. On Wednesdays I play netball games to keep up my cardio and once or twice a week my fantastic intern, Christian Pederson takes me through my paces in the rehab centre to focus on body strengthening off the horse, followed by chiropractic treatment to correct any musculoskeletal imbalances. It has been challenging to compete internationally whilst studying but the University College have always been supportive and helped me balance a busy schedule. A huge thank you to the Institution for my 4th Sport Scholarship this year, it has been very beneficial for helping fund competitions and training every season! Embarrassingly, during my functional assessment this year there was a lot to assess... it is safe to say I am not the most functional off a horse... So with regards to this years aims it would be a dream to win one more medal for England before allowing my horse to retire from advanced level and pass an AECC University College functional assessment!

What did you do previously?

I completed my GCSE's and A levels at Cheadle Hulme School and then took a gap year to backpack around South East Asia. It was eye opening to see new parts of the world and embrace different cultures. It allowed me to become a more open minded and mature individual. 

What got you interested in AECC University College?

I always had an interest in sports and recovery. I became drawn to chiropractic when my horse was treated by an equine chiropractor and her performance significantly improved.

What hobbies/interests do you have outside of studying?

Away from horse riding and studying, I enjoy travelling, scuba diving, water-skiing and surfing. Bournemouth is the perfect location for watersports activities so it really is great to study and play in such a fantastic location.

Antonias' Top 3 Achievements so far from studying at AECC University College

  1. Improved confidence in dealing with people
  2. Developing a deep understanding of horse riding kinematics
  3. Learning to use precise techniques to improve musculoskeletal function

Antonias’ Top 3 Highlights from the Masters in Chiropractic 

  1. One of my top highlights from the course is meeting new friends and being well integrated with lots of different nationalities
  2. Developing and progressing my understanding of human structure and function
  3. Passing all the academic exams and winning a gold medal individually for the England horse riding team

Antonias’ Top 3 tips for students thinking about studying Chiropractic 

  1. Work hard
  2. Play hard
  3. Come and join the most special chiropractic and health science family by the sea! 

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