Meet the ASU

Enhancing the student experience through support, passion and leadership

Who we are and what we do

Hi I'm Dan the current president of ASU.

Myself and the Students' Union team are here to help you get the best out of your university college experience. As a team we are responsible for representing and amplifying your voice, and the voices of all students at AECC University College.

We work hard to make your time at the University College one you'll never forget. Based on our thriving campus, the ASU team consists of a diverse mix of nationalities and cultures. Our community feel is unique and will provide you with a supportive, friendly and fun atmosphere.

Our role is to serve you, the student. We aim to do this by improving all areas of your University College life, ranging from hosting social events, to liaising with the faculty, to maintaining the University College gym and organising the sports teams and the social clubs. We are here to support you, so do not hesitate to contact us through email, social media or just pop by our office on the top floor of the main building, the ASU wall will guide you.


Meet the Students' Union members

Dan Sullivan, SU President
Hi, I'm Dan, as you've probably read in the beginning of the page. As the SU President, I organise our campaigns and meet regularly with the University College Senior Management Team to ensure students are at the heart of any and all decisions the institution makes. Please feel free to contact me at

Rhianydd Haslock, SU Manager
Rhianydd runs the SU team and organises our day to day activities. She is the only employed member of the Union so her role is to provide guidance and support. Contact her at

Saskia Wickenden, Vice President of Enrichment
Saskia will lead oversight of all non-academic activities managed by us. 

Chris Derby, Vice President of Education
Chris will represent all AECC University College students at academic meetings. 

Nele Piepenbrink , SU Social Officer
Nele's job is to organise all the socials for AECC University College students and get them grooving. Some of the more popular events she deals with are Freshers' week, the annual Chritmas party, Wellness week and more. Contact her at

Chris Medcalf, SU Sports Officer
Chris oversees the gym and the sports teams at AECC University College. If you'd like to start your own club, he would be the best person to contact at

​Pietro Gandini, SU International Officer
Pietro is our SU international rep and is a friendly face around the University College. He is a helping hand for all international students and encourages them to keep in touch at

Sophie Gurden, SU Press and Communications Officer
Sophie is in charge of all the promotional material we put out. She designs the student newsletter and sources all the gossip for the student tabloid. Contact her at

Liam Richardson, SU Bar Manager
Liam is the bar manager of our beloved on-campus bar - Toggler's Arms. You will see him behind the bar at some point so he encourages you to stop by for a chat or to email him at