Meet the ASU

Enhancing the student experience through support, passion and leadership

Who we are and what we do

The Students' Union team are here to help you get the best out of your university college experience. As a team, we are responsible for representing and amplifying your voice, and the voices of all students at AECC University College.

We work hard to make your time at the University College one you'll never forget. Our role is to serve you, the student. We aim to do this by improving all areas of your University College life, ranging from hosting social events to liaising with the faculty, to maintaining the University College gym and organising the sports teams and social clubs.   
We are here to support you, so do not hesitate to contact us through email, social media or (when we are able to again) pop by our office on the top floor of the main building via the central staircase. 

Mollie (SU President) gives an overview of the role of the ASU in this short video.

Meet the Students' Union members

ASU Manager Rhianydd Haslock in a yellow hoodie
SU Manager: Rhianydd Haslock

Rhianydd runs the SU team and organises our day to day activities. She is the only employed member of the Union so her role is to provide guidance and support. Contact her at

Rhianydd can be found in the SU office and is always available to answer any questions or queries you may have about starting at AECC University College and what student life will be like.


ASU President: Mollie Stannard in a pink hoodie
SU President: Mollie Stannard

Mollie is our SU President, having been our Press & Communications Officer last year, making this her second year in the SU Team. Her role is to oversee both the Vice Presidents as well as the team as a whole. She represents all students and the student voice at the highest level within the institution, sitting on the AECC UC Board of Governors and in other high-level decision-making meetings.

Mollie works closely with our Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, and the heads of schools. Alongside Rhianydd, she is responsible for all that the SU get up to, as well as the student body’s well-being, representation and experience. Contact her at


ASU VP of Education Claudia Wallis in a black polo
SU Vice President of Education: Claudia Wallis

Claudia is our SU VP Education. This is her second year on the team in the same position. Her job involves all things academic, from sitting on committee meetings to represent the student body, to leading the team of year reps. She also works alongside Mollie in sitting on the AECC UC Board of Governors and attends all academic committees up to Academic Board. She also provides support for appeals, EPCs and academic offences. If you ever have a query about anything academic, you can either speak to your year rep or contact Claudia at


 ASU VP of Enrichment Rowan Oldham in a red/pink hoodie
SU Vice President of Enrichment: Rowan Oldham

Rowan oversees everything which isn’t academic in nature. This means she is responsible for the Societies, branded merchandise, and the Champions Scheme among other things. She also sits on various meetings to represent the student voice, such as Academic Standards and Quality Committee alongside co-chairing the Changing the Culture Working Group and Social Working Group. This is also her second year on the team in this role.

If you want to set up a society or need advice about anything you might be facing, Rowan can be contacted via her email:


ASU Social Media Hannah King in a green hoodie
SU Social: Hannah King

This is Hannah’s 2nd year in this role, and hopefully a more interactive year than before with restrictions now lifting! Her role on the SU means that she oversees and organises all the social events throughout the year, both on site in our SU bar, the Toggler’s Arms, as well as liaising with local bars and clubs for various nights out and events in Bournemouth. She also works tirelessly over the summer break organising the Arrivals’ Week for all our new students and sits on the Changing the Culture Working Group and Social Working Group. If you have any ideas for themed nights or social events, then Hannah would be more than happy to listen! You can contact her on


ASU Sport Lior Menaker in a blue hoodie
SU Sport: Lior Menaker

Lior’s role as SU Sport means that he oversees the running of our newly-refurbished gym, conducts gym induction sessions and helps with the running and organisation of all of our sports teams. If you have any ideas for new clubs that you feel are missing or would like to introduce, don’t hesitate to give him a shout on


 SU Press & Communications Francesca Helmore in a turquoise hoodie
SU Press & Communications: Francesca Helmore

Francesca is responsible for all print media for the SU, as well as keeping all the social media platforms up to date and active, so our students stay in the know! She writes the ASU's Caffeine and Espresso Magazines, which come out twice a year, as well as the monthly Toilet Paper newsletter which is distributed in all the bathrooms around campus. This is her first year as part of the SU team. She is always around should you need to talk to a friendly face about anything, or if there is something you would like mentioned or included either on our social platforms, or in one of our prints! She can be contacted either through the social media platforms or via email:


 ASU International Ole Brink in a blue hoodie
SU International: Ole Brink

Ole is from Amsterdam and has already graduated with a bachelors in Physiotherapy, having studied at Zuyd Hogeschool in Holland. He is the International Officer for the SU, which means that his job is to try and represent all our international students and make sure they feel heard and welcomed at the AECC UC. If you would like to start an international society or have any questions regarding moving to a new country and experiencing a new culture, feel free to reach out to him at


SU Bar Manager Joe Trippett-Jones in a black polo
SU Bar Manager: Joe Trippett-Jones

Joe is our new Bar Manager for the Toggler’s Arms (the SU bar on campus). His role this year is to reopen the bar and help get the social life on campus back up and running, which he is already succeeding in doing! He will be working closely with Hannah on any events we host here. If you have any suggestions for themed bar nights, drinks requests, or any questions about the bar at all, feel free to get in touch: