Student Finance

We are here to offer support, guidance and information on loans, tuition fees, bursaries and scholarships.

Student Finance Support

We recommend you find out more about fees and financial support for UK/European students over at the UK government website: Student Finance England.  

Visit Student Finance England

Financial Support

We are here to help you with advice and information on student funding. Please view the information below and if you need further guidance, please contact our student finance team. 

Our support doesn't end when you graduate. You will receive a discount on tuition fees if you choose to study a postgraduate course with us.

For more detailed information about any additional associated costs, bursaries and scholarships and our Student Agreement, please visit our latest policies.

Latest Policies 

Finance information for new students

Payment Terms

The University College relies on student fees to meet its financial commitments. It is essential that you pay your fees promptly and in accordance with published details. The University College reviews its fees and fees policy annually.

When you complete your online registration form the amount of your tuition fees will be shown together with various options on how you are intending to pay these.

If you do not believe that the fees are correct please contact the University College’s Admissions Department on before finishing the online process.

Payment (UK Student Loan Company)

Your tuition fees are £9,250.00.

If you are getting a loan from the UK Government through the Student Loan Company please choose the appropriate option during the online registration process. You will be asked to provide your Student Support Number e.g. SFDU12345678A or EURS12345678A.

If you have not yet applied for your Loan this must be done immediately by going to:

Payment (Self-funded students)

Funded (UK and EU) Students your tuition fees are £9,250.00

Non-Funded (overseas and ELQ) Students your tuition fees are £13,900.00

How to pay

If you are paying your own funds you can pay by:-

Credit or debit card (in person at the Student Finance office open 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday - Friday)
Bank Transfer (the University College’s bank details are given below)
Cash or sterling banker’s draft (in person only at the Student Finance office)
Fees can be paid in full at the start of the academic year or in three payments one due at the start of each term.

If you choose to pay in three payments your fees are payable by the following dates:-

- Monday 17 September 2018

£3083.34 (funded), £4,633.34 (non-funded)

- Monday 7 January 2019

£3083.33 (funded), £4,633.33 (non-funded)

- Monday 29 April 2019

£3083.33 (funded), £4,633.33 (non-funded)

Discount (Non-Funded Students only)

If the annual fee is paid in full by Friday 12 October 2018 you will be entitled to a discount of £60.00. The amount you will pay is £13,840.00.

view our bank details

view our tuition fees policies


New Sports Scholarship for 2018/19

AECC University College is committed to supporting talented student-athletes who are keen to continue their development as sports performers alongside their studies at our Institution. As part of the scheme we’ll help you balance your demanding training and competition schedule with the pressures of studying for a degree. 


Dependent on your performance (Bronze, Silver and Gold), you will have access to press and media training, physiological testing, performance workshops, 1-2-1 sport psychology support and more.

Sports Scholarships are available to the most outstanding student athletes who show evidence of achievement at regional, national or international levels. The scheme is committed to delivering sporting excellence and support to students who display outstanding sporting ability or show the potential to reach that level in the near future. The scheme supports all students and sports that meet the application criteria, which can be found in the Bursaries and Scholarships policy.

Latest policies for students

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