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75-year-old Kevin Donovan is an Olympic Weightlifter, currently preparing to compete in the World Masters Championships in December.

Whilst training in the gym, he sustained an injury to his back which caused him to develop a limp. The injury left him struggling to lift weights and it seemed uncertain as to whether he would be able to compete again.

Kevin received treatment from the Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College. He saw Chiropractic Placement Student, Malene Kristoffersen Lodden, and worked hard to recover from his injury.

He tells us more about his rehabilitation:

“I hurt my back whilst in the gym; I spend a lot of time training. I developed a serious limp and malfunction of the left foot which affected my ability to lift weights. I couldn’t run and my hamstring muscle felt like it was in spasm. My chance of competing was slim.

“I went for an assessment at the Chiropractic Clinic and the team identified that the injury was to the L4 and L5 area of my spine. I received some initial rehabilitation treatment and most recently, I have been working with Malene to restore the function of my hamstrings and to get my mobility back.”

Significant results 

“The treatment has been amazing. Since working with Malene, I have seen significant improvement. The mobility of my hamstrings and left foot function has improved incredibly, which means I can compete once again. My posture is more upright, I’m stronger and my weightlifting is improving.

“Malene is a very positive individual. The way she has helped me the most is by the amount of attention she has paid to finding out what the exact issue is. The focus on treatment for my hamstring has been so helpful.

“I’ve also just had a neck assessment to help straighten and stabilise my upper body. I can now lift heavier weights more comfortably.”

Clinical Placement Student, Malene added:

“The initial rehabilitation treatment that Kevin received seemed to be working well, but it became clear that he still felt something wasn’t quite right and was limiting his performance in the gym. I decided to consider other surrounding structures and not only the source of his problem. By doing so, I discovered his hamstring was limiting his overall performance and gait.

“I encouraged him to increase the mobility in his hamstrings at the gym, whilst I started focusing on his hamstrings in the treatment room alongside various techniques to improve his back mobility and reduce his pain.

“This case is an excellent example of how complex our body is and the importance of targeting surrounding structures in order to improve overall function.”

Stronger than before

Kevin explains: “I’ve got my confidence back when training and my motivation to compete is positive. At my age, when you have an injury like this, you worry that it’ll let you down and seriously impact performance. Now, I’m lifting heavier weights than I ever thought possible. That’s really important to my physical and mental well-being.

“I can also run again; I couldn’t really sprint with my injury. I can now run well, with a long stride and good fluidity.

“The impact is so profound for me. People that I train with have commented how much more motivated I am. The injury knocked me back a bit but this treatment has left me feeling fitter and younger than I was!”

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