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Be the Reason Lee Cheers on his Team again

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Be the Reason

Last year, Lee Penycate hurt his shoulder and began to really struggle with pain. The pain affected all aspects of his day-to-day life: he had trouble sleeping, working comfortably, and driving.

He contacted the Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College for help with the injury and saw Clinical Placement Student, Mikaela Helenius.

Lee tells us more:

“I had a shoulder injury; I had pinched a nerve and it was quite painful in most positions. There was perhaps a five-degree angle that I could find that my arm didn’t hurt in. It was actually quite a debilitating type of pain to start with.

“I was struggling to sleep or do anything, because the pain in my arm was such that every time I relaxed it I got pins and needles down my arm. Everyday things like getting dressed in the morning and changing gear in my car became quite painful.

“I was on painkillers to try and dull the pain a little bit. I work behind a desk every day and although I have a sit/stand desk, it was really difficult to find a position that didn’t hurt my shoulder.

“I knew people who had had good experiences at the Chiropractic Clinic at AECC University College and so I thought I would see if they could help me.”


“Treatment involved isolating the area and working out exactly what the problem was as I didn’t know. Every time I did something, it just felt like it was pinching.

“Mikaela has been great and she’s very friendly. It’s very easy to understand what she’s trying to get me to achieve.

“She set me some exercises to do at home, which are quite painful. At 50, I don’t have the flexibility that I used to have.

“The treatment has been fantastic. My arm is back to normal; it’s not hurting and I don’t get pins and needles.

“Mikaela is now getting me to work on other areas, to strengthen some muscles and to take the pressure off other muscles. I have joined a gym and I am now going three times a week. Prior to the treatment, there was no way I could do any shoulder exercises. I can do that quite freely now.

Life now:

“I’m not in pain in day-to-day life now, which I was before. I can live my everyday life again and be able to do things normally.

“I can even cheer on my local football team again as I can now raise my arms without pain!”

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Discover a career in Chiropractic

Training to becoming a chiropractor at AECC University College can be a hugely rewarding career choice. Our chiropractic courses mean you can learn the skills to diagnose, treat and prevent mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Learn how to improve the general health of patients, and make a difference in people’s lives.

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