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Accommodation FAQ

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Take a look at some of the questions most people ask before finding somewhere to live.

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When should I start looking for accommodation?

There is a wide variety of accommodation offered around the Bournemouth area, and many students and landlords start thinking about accommodation plans for September in May. However, we advise that those with conditional offers do not sign a contract until they have an unconditional offer. For some, this will not happen until August.

There may be less choice, but generally, there is a wide variety of accommodation available in Bournemouth and Student Services will continue to update the accommodation guide throughout the year.

How much does a private rental usually cost?

Cost differs greatly depending on different aspects of the property. Be sure to check whether things like bills and internet are included with your monthly rent or not. Some halls offer catered and non-catered options.

Expect monthly rents to be roughly somewhere between £400 – £900.

What is the cost of living in Bournemouth?

Maintaining a stress-free and planned budget is one of the key things to a happy university experience.

Check out Numbeo, one of the world’s largest databases on the cost of living. They have up to date information on livings costs within Bournemouth and many other areas.

Additionally, why not check out our ‘Living costs’ information via the link below for more information on hints and tips to budget for life as a student in Bournemouth.

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What should I do about insurance?

We advise students to look into different insurance options for their time at AECC University College. Some students may be covered through their parents’ insurance, and some halls may offer basic contents insurance.

It is important to check the details of what is offered and see if you would like to purchase any additional coverage. We recommend students look into contents insurance for their belongings whilst studying. Student insurance providers include Endsleigh, E&L, and Cover4Students.

I would like to move out of my private rented accommodation, What should I do?

If you are living in private rented accommodation and would like to move out, Student Services may be able to advise you on your rights. What you are entitled to depends on the type of agreement you have signed.

Generally, if you are an assured shorthold tenant on either a periodic tenancy (run month by month or week by week with no fixed end date) or a fixed-term tenancy, a set process must be followed and you are liable to fulfil your entire contract. If you are an excluded tenant (a lodger), you must give “reasonable notice”, which is usually the length of a payment period (typically one month). Please visit Shelter England or email Student Services for help with your situation.

I have received a letter asking for council tax, what should I do?

As a full-time student, you are exempt from Council Tax. While AECC University College shares your enrolment with Bournemouth Council, you must fill in a form on the Bournemouth Council website in order to receive your exemption.

Your council tax exemption is only valid for the exact enrolment dates of your course, so you may be responsible for council tax before your course begins or after your course ends. Landlords are responsible for council tax if you are renting a room in their home. For more information, visit Student Services.

What should I know and do before signing a contract?

A contract is a legally binding document, so be sure to read it carefully and ask any questions you may have before you sign it. Be sure to view the property before agreeing to it. It is illegal for an estate agent to charge you to view a property or register with them.

Be sure to check what kind of tenant you are listed as, an assured shorthold or an excluded tenant, as this will determine what rights you have. Other things to check for are: how long your tenancy period is, what expenses are/are not included in the rent, and landlord expectations. You will also want to ensure that your deposit is placed in a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Before you move in be sure to conduct an inventory check with your landlord, checking for any scratches, holes in walls or damage to the property. This will ensure that you are not liable for this damage at the end of your tenancy. If you have any questions about your contract, please visit or email Student Services.

Where can I find accommodation?

The AECC University College Accommodation guide is updated weekly with new accommodation offered. The accommodation guide advertises properties with private landlords and private student halls, while local letting agencies can be found under the Letting Agencies Directory.

We also highly recommend checking out our student halls partner: Lulworth Student Company, and the amazing accommodation that they offer, only a short journey from our campus.

Halls of Accommodation

How do I find Housemates?

Current students and applicants can look for housemates and ask any accommodation questions on the AECC University College Student Accommodation Facebook page.

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Interested in halls of residence?

We have partnered with Lulworth Student Company to provide AECC University College students with the to-notch accommodation right on our doorstep.


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