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Student Story: Pippa Myres

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Pippa Myres Dancing

After an ankle injury, professional ballet dancer Pippa Myres, had to re-think her career and is now training through AECC UC to become a podiatrist on the MSc Podiatry course.

Pippa Myres tells us more about her journey from ballet dancer to studying podiatry …

“Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. I attended the Central School of Ballet in London and was fortunate enough to work with some of the most inspiring and influential choreographers and performers at the time. I performed in ballets such as The Nutcracker, La Bayadère and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

“Unfortunately a major ankle injury ended my career as a ballet dancer, so I had to have a career re-think.”

From Ballet Dancer to Personal Trainer

“After my injury, I moved to Australia to re-train as a personal trainer and had a very successful career within the fitness industry there. Working with such a diverse range of people whilst in the fitness industry grew my passion for supporting and advising people on ways to get the most out of life through movement and exercise. After 4 years, although I loved my job as a personal trainer, I wanted a new adventure.

“Then the COVID pandemic happened and I decided to return to the UK, where my family live.”

What would you say to people who are considering a change in career?

“Go for it! Personally I am someone who loves change, but can understand it may be daunting changing careers or countries, but you’ll never regret the adventure of pursuing something new.”

Why Pippa Chose the MSc Podiatry Course

“I initially considered physiotherapy courses, as I have many friends who love their career as a physio, and thought it would be a natural progression from my job as a personal trainer.

“However, when I was looking for courses, I came across AECC University College’s MSc Podiatry course. Although I had never thought about becoming a Podiatrist, the more I read about the profession, the more excited I became.

“The diverse and exciting range of opportunities the podiatry profession has to offer, wide scope of practice and job opportunities were strong attractions for me. There was also the opportunity of working in the performing arts again; rather than being on the stage, being part of the team that support the dancers to have stronger and longer careers. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss!”

How did you find the transition from ballet dancer/ PT to the podiatry course?

I felt ready for the change and knew that all the experience I had dancing and working in gyms would hugely contribute to a successful career going forwards in podiatry. I think the two biggest transitions were moving back in with my parents after nearly 5 years (although I’m not complaining about the washing being done and the meals being cooked!) And then the academic work that comes with the course, which has been a bit of a shock having not written an essay for nearly 4 years!”

How Pippa is Finding the MSc Podiatry Course So Far

Three months into the course, I am loving every moment! I am looking forward to the upcoming clinical placements, developing clinical skills and putting all I have learned into practice.”

What would you say to people who are considering doing the MSc Podiatry course?

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what podiatry is, but I couldn’t recommend the course more highly. There is a small intake, the course is incredibly well organised, and we see patients (with support!) in just 5 months! There’s never a dull moment with so many opportunities for hands-on practical learning with local anaesthetics, the making of Orthotics and so much more, not to mention the job opportunities when you graduate. This course allows you to work all over the world with the profession in high demand.”

You can find out more about the MSc Podiatry course here or by requesting a copy of our latest Prospectus.

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Above: Pippa Myres

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