Quality assurance

AECC University College quality framework outlines the policies and procedures in place to ensure the maintenance and enhancements of the quality of our academic standards and student learning experience. Our course specifications let you know what to expect as a student with us.

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We are pleased to have been received external approval and endorsement from a number of partners and organisations. 


Quality Assurance

We are committed to the safeguarding of our academic standards, and the assurance and enhancement of the quality of our academic provision and the student experience.  

In May 2016 we were granted our own Taught Degree-Awarding Powers and from September 2017 all new students entering this institution enrol on courses leading to our awards. This means that the qualification students receive at the end of their studies will be made in the name of this institution.

We are fully responsible for the setting and maintaining of our own academic standards and for the quality of our courses and the student experience we provide.


Previously our courses were validated by Bournemouth University and some continuing students remain enrolled on courses leading to Bournemouth University awards.

We now have our own policy for course approval and periodic review aligned to the UK Quality Code Chapters B1 and B8. This is available from the Policies for students page.

Introduction to Course Specifications

Course specifications are the defining documentation for academic courses and awards, and include information on:

  • aims of the course
  • intended learning outcomes
  • curriculum content
  • programme structure
  • assessment methods
  • learning and teaching methods
  • progression opportunities
  • admission regulations
  • assessment regulations


Previously our programmes were validated by Bournemouth University, and some continuing students remain enrolled on programmes leading to Bournemouth University awards.

We have now approved our existing courses as awards of the AECC University College. Follow the links below to see the framework and course specification for each course being delivered as an award of this institution to new entrants from September 2017.

In approving these as our own awards we have changed the format of the documentation, but the aims, learning outcomes, teaching, learning and assessment strategies and methods remain the same.

If you would like more information about the documentation currently in place, and which will continue to apply to students remaining on courses validated by Bournemouth University, please contact the AECC University College Quality and Enhancement Manager.

Download your course specification here 

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publication. However, as the content of our courses is constantly being developed, the information contained within the specifications is liable to change. Also, the course structures shown here may not necessarily be relevant to students that have already started a course. Significant changes will be highlighted here and on the relevant course pages.  If you need any further information please contact the AECC University College Academic Registrar.

The MSc in Medical Ultrasound is currently undergoing periodic (six-yearly) review and there will be an internal review panel and re-accreditation visit from CASE in February 2018. We anticipate that the outcome will be known by May 2018.

MChiro (Hons) Master of Chiropractic course specification
Download MChiro course spec

MChiro (Hons) Master of Chiropractic course specification

This is a new course commencing in September 2018 (Course specification uploaded May 2018). Please note that GCC/Privy Council approval for this course is currently pending. This web page and the course specification will be updated as soon as further information  is available.


MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Clinical Sciences) course specification
download MSC APP Course SpecMSc Advanced Professional Practice (Functional Musculoskeletal Health) course specification
download MSC APP (Functional MSK Health) Course spec
MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health) course specificationdownload Msc app (Paediatric MSK Health) course spec

MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Musculoskeletal Neuroscience) course specification (New course for 2018 entry, added April 2018)

MSc Medical Ultrasound course specificationdownload MSC Medical ultrasound course spec
Postgraduate Certificate Professional Development (Chiropractic) course specificationdownload PG Cert Professional development course specFor BSc Clinical Exercise Sciences please refer to the relevant Bournemouth University course information page. Visit the related Bournemouth University page here 

Academic regulations policies and procedures

From September 2017 all new students enrol on courses leading to awards of this institution and will follow academic regulations, policies and procedures specific to this institution and approved by our Academic Board. The key regulations, policies and procedures for 2017-2018 which affect students are available from the Policies for Students webpage, any new policies and procedures are added here as they are approved.

Previously under our validation agreement with the University, we chaired our own Assessment Boards, and had our own academic regulations, policies and procedures for the undergraduate chiropractic education courses. Courses within the Advanced Professional Practice and Ultrasound frameworks, and the Postgraduate Certificate Professional Development (Chiropractic) followed the academic regulations policies and procedures of Bournemouth University. Students remaining on Bournemouth University awards will continue to follow these regulations, policies and procedures. The detailed procedural documents, and the outcomes of recent reviews, are available on request.

Further information is available on request by e-mail to the AECC University College Quality and Enhancement Manager.

How we work with external examiners

From September 2017 the University College will appoint its own external examiners for its own awards, under our External Examining Policy and Procedures, aligned to Chapter B7 of the UK Quality Code. Programmes leading to Bournemouth University awards will continue to be overseen by external examiners nominated by this institution and approved by the University. Each external examiner submits an annual report which we consider in detail; and we prepare a full response to address any issues and recommendations raised. We make external examiners’ reports and responses available in full to staff and students within the University College. Further information on external examining practice at this institution is available on request by e-mail to the Quality and Enhancement Manager.

External examiners play a leading role in assuring the academic standards and quality of the courses we offer. External examiners offer advice and comment on:

  • whether the academic standards for our courses are appropriately set and maintained in accordance with the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, and relevant professional standards.
  • how standards and student performance at the AECC University College compare with that on similar courses at other higher education institutions.
  • whether our assessment process is fair and rigorous, and is conducted in accordance with our approved policies and procedures.

Student agreement

AECC University College's Student Agreement contains the rules and regulations policies and procedures that will apply to students enrolled on higher education awards of this institution from September 2017. It forms the basis of a contractual relationship between our students and us. The Student Agreement also includes important information students should take into account when considering whether to study on one of our courses, including any additional costs which may apply. Additional costs are mandatory or optional costs which students will need to meet in order to fully participate in and complete their course.

The Student Agreement for 2017-2018 applies to all Higher Education students enrolling on courses leading to awards of this institution from September 2017, and is available from the Policies for Students webpage.

Please contact the Academic Registrar if you are unable to access any of the links to documents or if there is anything in them that you are unsure about and want to discuss.  

Student engagement

AECC University College is a unique, close knit community where staff and students work together to maintain a collegiate, open and safe environment for all aspects of learning and development. Finding out about, and understanding, the student perspective is essential for us to maintain and improve the relevance, structure and delivery of our courses. We therefore actively encourage student participation and engagement, through both formal and informal means. Our commitment is set out in:

  • our Student Charter, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities for all our students and provides the framework for the learning experience.
  • our Student Engagement Policy (found within our latest policies) which outlines the opportunities available to students to engage with and take part in quality assurance and enhancement activities including:
    • student representation system
    • feedback through surveys - the University College undertakes a student satisfaction survey annually and takes part in the National Student Survey (NSS). The results of the surveys are discussed in the relevant committees and action plans are developed in response where required
    • Student Staff Liaison Sub-committee
    • course monitoring, approval and review activities
    • activities specific to particular courses.

Student complaints and academic appeals

Copies of our Student Complaints and Academic Appeals procedures which apply to students enrolled on courses leading to awards of this institution from September 2017 are available from the latest policies page. The policies and procedures applying to current and continuing students enrolled on programmes at this institution which lead to awards of Bournemouth University are available on request.

Public Information Provision Policy Statement

Our Public Information Provision Policy Statement covers information about our academic courses, services, policies and regulations which is published in electronic or printed form. It sets out the principles underpinning our provision of information, and the ways in which we aim to ensure the information we provide for our stakeholders about the institution and the learning experience we provide is fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy


Further information about these issues or any other queries about academic quality and standards at the AECC University College may be addressed by e-mail to the AECC Quality and Enhancement Manager.