Read our strategy documents including the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching strategy and the University College's 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, as well as our financial statements.

Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2021

The plan defines the overall vision for success and specific goals we will achieve by 2021, and details how the AECC University College will focus its resources, monitor progress, manage risks, and assure the desired results are accomplished. 


We also present our education strategy, provide insights into our income and expenditure, including full financial statements and highlight how we are investing in our estate. 


Education Strategy


Download and read more of AECC University College's Education Strategy (March 2019) which sets out the key approaches we take and the actions to which we commit in order to enhance the learning opportunities we offer.


Income and Expenditure

The AECC University College is registered with the Charity Commission and is a not for profit organisation. Any income generated by the University College is therefore solely used to enable and improve the educational experience for all of its students and to enhance the University College’s facilities.

The University College derives its income from a number of sources.

Tuition fees from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, short courses and CPD make up the largest proportion of income accounting for 72% of total income. The current charge for tuition fees to home and EU students is set at £9,000 per annum. We receive additional HEFCE income on the basis of delivering high-cost subjects in the amount of £881,000.

Income based on the provision of clinical services contributes 10% of total income.

Investing in our Estate

The University College aims to provide a high quality environment for its students and staff in which they can thrive. As well as maintaining the existing infra- structure, we believe it is important to invest in up-to-date teaching, research and non-academic facilities.

In recent years we have invested in our academic, clinical and student facilities including the library, anatomy models lab, student cafeteria and bar, and on creating a digital editing suite, enlarging the School of Radiology and installing an Open and Upright MRI Scanner.

Governors' Report and Financial Statement

View the Governors' Report and financial Statements 11 month period ended 31st July 2019 here: 

Download Latest Financial Statements

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