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Our fresh, vibrant Students' Union provides a hub of activity on campus and beyond, bringing a positive attitude and fresh new ideas – students representing students!

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Exam workshops

Student services will be delivering two workshops in Seminar 1 to help us all build essential skills in the run up to exams.  
December 13th 14.00pm Revision strategies
January 10th 14:00pm Exam survival
We look forward to seeing you there!

student services

Latest events

Christmas Revue

The most popular event of the year returns on Saturday 18th November, Xmas Revue! Taking place at the 02 academy in Boscombe, doors open at 7pm. Featuring a live sketch show from each year as well as the highly anticipated staff and clinic year videos, you'll be able to dance the rest of the night away with a live band and DJ set £10 a ticket.

Wellness Week

A whole week of events promoting the major role of sport and activity in aiding wellbeing. It’s completely free and there are plenty of opportunities for you to win amazing prizes.

Welcome to the Students' Union

Hi, I am Sarit the SU President at AECC University College.

Myself and the Students' Union team are here to help you get the best out of your university college experience. As a team we are responsible for representing and amplifying your voice, and the voices of all students at AECC University College. I can assure you that your time here will be exciting, challenging and inspiring, as it has been for me. Unlike most universities, we are not sabbatical officers, and fit the Student Union duties around our studies. Our role is to serve you, the student. We aim to do this by improving all areas of the college life, ranging from hosting social events, to liaising with the faculty, to up-keep of the college gym and sports teams.

We understand that the challenges faced by students are different depending on where in their life path they are. For some, it may be the first time away from home (potentially in a different country), for others it may mean juggling studies with family commitments. For those who are returning to full time education after a period away, we understand that this is always intimidating at first. As a mature student myself, I can assure you that you have joined an excellent institution with lots of support if needed. You will get support from your peers and will realise there are many other mature students who are or were in the same situation as you, so you won't be alone on your incredible journey.

The academic and professional services teams are very understanding and supportive. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your requirements, they are always willing to help, even if that means just someone to talk to. We are lucky to be supported by an active student services team, who are there to support and advise you too, on areas relating to funding, finding accommodation, how to cope with exam stresses and study skills. 

Find out more about student services

We like to work hard and play hard, and so we kick off the year for new students with Freshers’ Week, a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the AECC staff. The friendships you form will see you through your time at the college. We host lots of events throughout the year for you to get involved with, such as guardian night, Christmas revue, themed nights and music events in our hub of social activity, the Toggler's Arms bar. We also have our annual Ski Trip.

There are a number of different sports clubs at the AECC University College, both competitive and social, which include rugby, football, hockey, grappling, netball and handball. If you love keeping fit and healthy, you’ll enjoy making use of our college gym, climbing wall and sports hall on-site. Classes include Spin, Boot Camp, Back to Basic and various martial arts including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate take place weekly. There are also a number of social clubs and societies including Christian Union, Acoustic Society for you to join, the SU financially supports the clubs and societies and if you have a new idea for a club, then we want to hear from you.

We encourage students to explore and engage with different ideas that exist in our profession. Our Insight Club hosts regular talks giving a platform to learning,
reflecting and debate. There is also the opportunity to join the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, to participate, meet and unite with other chiropractic
students from every corner of the world.

The SU has an open door policy and we are here to help you with every aspect of college life, with anything from a simple chat or query to support for an academic appeal. On behalf of the rest of the SU, we look forward to seeing you here soon!

Sarit Sirinan

Students’ Union President

Socials at AECC University College

Hello, I'm Kim and I'm the Social Rep on the Student Union. Not only is my job to organise parties throughout the year but also to organise your Freshers’ Week!

2017 Freshers week kicked off on 11th September, it started with your formal induction into the college during the day and a big get together in our very own Toggler's Arms bar that night. Other activities include Pub Golf, water activity day, beach day and start of term party just to name a few. 

As AECC University College students, we work hard but we party hard too. Freshers’ Week aims to give you a taste of what is to come over the next few years, its a time to make friends and memories to keep forever, and we recommend all students get involved in as much as they can.

In 2017 we offered two tiers, Silver which is all events excluding the activity day and Gold all events including activity day. The water activity day involves team work. It is a traditional event that has been a part of the college’s Freshers’ Week for many years. It's the day that people make the most friends and actually remember the names of their friends too. So we highly recommend the gold wristband.

Freshers’ Week and all of our socials are a whole load of fun, however, there is some small print to it. You’ve got to remember that when you go out in the town, you are representing the AECC University college, so please drink responsibly and don't do anything too crazy. If you don't feel like drinking, it’s not a problem, just let your marshal know. There’s plenty of non-drinking activities too, so please do come along and get involved. Each year we set up a group for Freshers, allowing those who can't wait to meet their fellow colleagues with a place to chat. It is my job during that week to post bulletins and updates regarding the events.

And finally, if you have any questions about the social life of the AECC University College or for any information about anything social related, please drop me an email.

See you soon,
Students’ Union Social Representative


The AECC University College calendar year is packed full of action. From Freshers’ Week to sports nights, Wellness Week to Christmas Revue, the Students’ Union works hard to make your time as fun and enjoyable as can be. Check out a list of key events;

Freshers’ Week— This is your chance to become integrated into University College life.  The week is dedicated to getting to know you and you to know us. From meeting your tutors to joining clubs and societies, this week will also give you your first taste of the Bournemouth nightlife! See full itinerary.             

Guardian night— A well-loved AECC tradition, you’ll sign up and then you’ll be hosted by a house of other AECC students for dinner. All groups meet up at a bar later on that night. Take along a bottle of your own choosing and get ready for one of the best nights of the year. A bit intimidated by the thought? Don’t be—this is a great chance to meet your University College peers, hear some fun stories, play games and get the inside scoop on experiences yet to come!

Wellness Week - Sports and activity play a big part in aiding wellbeing. This week of events promote and encourage students and staff to try out those activities they wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to. It’s completely free and there are plenty of opportunities for you to win amazing prizes. Last year’s event included a healthy food fair, dodgeball and belly dancing.

Sports Night— Held on a Wednesday night in the Toggler’s Arms, whether you are sporty or not, it’s great to get involved. Mid-week drinks and plenty of banter—what's not to like?

Your social rep will be putting together lots more social events at College, from fancy dress nights to neon raves. Social ideas are always welcome - speak to your social rep, Kim Dingwall, about any suggestions you might have.

Where can you find us?

The SU is can be found on the top floor of the main University College building.

Just walk up the main stair case and we are right in front of you. 

(t) 01202 436293

Contact us

The SU is made up of a full-time Manager and 9 other core executive members, who are students that volunteer to take up a post and are elected in by their fellow students.

Executive Officers

President: Sarit Sirinan

Hello! My name is Sarit. I am the SU President of the AECC University College. I am originally from Thailand but I have lived here most of my life. I have been through from Access Course and now going in to year 4 MChiro. Having been President before a few years’ previous, it gave me an insight on how the college operates, gained a lot of experience with leadership, team work and communicating with people. Now in my second term, I hope to further develop these acquired skills, with setting more goals and new experiences.


Vice President: Misty Wilgress-Thorn

Hi I'm Misty. I live in a small town near the beach in Poole. I enjoy water sports as well as having a love for animals and all things cute. I like to think of myself as being approachable so if you have any questions whether they be related to my SU role or even if you want to talk about my dogs, I am more than happy and will always have time.


Treasurer: Lydia Scott Mearns


I'm Lydia and I'm the treasurer of the students union. I was a direct entry student in to year 1, now going to my second year at the AECC University College. I'm 19 and from Leeds, if you've any questions or queries don't hesitate to ask. You'll find me in the office or more likely in Togglers. See you all in term time!


Sports Rep: Martin Helgesen

Originating from the mystical land of Norway, towering 1.93 meters above sea level. Welcoming, happy, smiling dude easily found in the gym. Your friendly neighbourhood Sport Rep, Martin.


Social Rep: Kim Dingwall

Hey I’m Kim, 21 years old, blonde and originally come from Scotland. I’m a member of our very own Togglers, so if you want to say hi come and pop by. I like getting to know everyone, so hope to see all your lovely faces at the parties or in the bar.


International Officer: Annika Arnedatter


Born and bred as a Viking, I moved from Norway to England in 2010. Ever since I have considered the UK my home. I live with my partner and two cats whilst studying at the AECC University College, and serve pizzas to pay my rent. My time off is spent either on the beach or somewhere in the New Forest where I re-enact my Viking behaviours. I am working to aid the international students in their transition to a new country; with all the challenges that could present. I also try to make the University College as welcoming as possible regardless of which part of the world you come from.

If you are a prospective international student, please contact our Admissions team at


Academic Liaison Officer: Dan Sullivan


Hi I'm Dan the academic rep for the SU. When I’m not studying I spend my time watching films and taking part in sports. I come from Southampton originally but live here full time now. Feel free to contact me anytime with  your queries or problems!


Press/Communications Officer: Marcus Chuter


I'm 21 years old, born and bred in England. The fun and smiley face behind all the gossip at college, so if you have any hot news I'm the guy to tell. From your loving Press & Comms officer, Marcus.


Bar Manager: Matthías Arnarson


Thirsty? Fancy an ice cold delicious beverage? Matti's the man to talk to as the Bar Manager of Togglers Arms, our very own bar. Don't hesitate…stop by for a drink, a chat, a game of darts or simply whatever you can think of, his door is always open.

Honorary members and Representatives