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Our fresh, vibrant Students' Union provides a hub of activity on campus and beyond, bringing a positive attitude and fresh new ideas – students representing students!


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Acoustic Night

It's time for a much beloved Acoustic Night at out on-site bar Togglers Arms. The last Acoustic Night before the Christmas break. Let us know you're coming by joining the Facebook Event.
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"Enhancing the student experience through support, passion and leadership"



Hi I'm Dan the current president of ASU. 

Myself and the Students' Union team are here to help you get the best out of your university college experience. As a team we are responsible for representing and amplifying your voice, and the voices of all students at AECC University College.

We work hard to make your time at the University College one you'll never forget. Based on our thriving campus, the SU team consists of a diverse mix of nationalities and cultures. Our community feel is unique and will provide you with a supportive, friendly and fun atmosphere. 




Our role is to serve you, the student. We aim to do this by improving all areas of your University College life, ranging from hosting social events, to liaising with the faculty, to maintaining the University College gym and organising the sports teams. We are here to support you, so do not hesitate to contact us through email, social media or just pop by our office on the top floor of the main building, the ASU wall will guide you.

The student charter is created to introduce you to our mission statement, our goals and responsibilities, and to familiarise you with what we expect from you as a AECC University College student, so please read it carefully. 

student charter

Popular events

Freshers week

Our first set of events for the academic year all take place in Freshers week. This is a chance for all new students to get to know one another. We organise a variety of themed day and night events throughout the week and finish with the big 'Start of term party' to which all students are invited.

Christmas Revue

The most popular event of the year is in November, the Xmas Revue! It takes place at the O2 academy in Boscombe. Featuring a live sketch show from each year as well as the highly anticipated staff and clinic year videos, you'll be able to dance the rest of the night away with a live band and DJ set.

Wellness Week

A whole week of events promoting the major role of sport and activity in aiding wellbeing. It’s completely free and there are plenty of opportunities for you to win amazing prizes.

Meet the ASU


Dan Sullivan, SU President

I'm Dan. I organise our campaigns and meet regularly with the University Senior Management Team to ensure students are at the heart of any and all decisions the institution makes. Contact me at

Dan Sullivan, SU President 2018-2019
Rhianydd Haslock, SU Manager

I'm Rhianydd. I run the SU team and organise our day to day activities. I am the only employed member of the Union so my role is to provide guidance and support. Contact me at

Rhianydd Haslock, SU Manager
Tamara Hattab, SU Vice President

Hi. I'm Tamara. I represent you at academic meetings and organise ASU branded clothing, so I can sort you out with some funky fresh new branded garms. Contact me at

Tamara Hattab, SU Vice President 2018-2019
Kim Dingwall, SU Social Officer

Hi, I'm Kim. My job is to organise all of your socials (like Freshers' week and the annual Christmas party) and get you all grooving. Contact me at

Kim Dingwall, SU Social Officer 2018-2019
Martin Helgesen, SU Sports Officer

Hi. I'm Martin. I oversee the gym and the sport teams at AECC University College. If you'd like to start your own club please contact me at

Martin Helgesen, SU Sports Officer 2018-2019
Oliver Óskarsson, SU Treasurer

Hi, I’m Oliver. I'm in charge of fundraising and charity for ASU. I also organise our annual Freshers' Fair. Contact me at

Oliver Óskarsson, SU Treasurer 2018-2019
Marius Olfsrud, SU International Officer

Hi. I'm Marius and I'm from, Norway. As International rep I’m a friendly face around the University College and a helping hand for all international students. Please come at

Marius Olfsrud,SU International Officer 2018-2019
Sophie Gurden, SU Press and Communications Officer

Hi I'm Sophie and I'm 147 in dog years! I'm in charge of all the ASU promotional material we put out. I design the student newsletter and source all the gossip for our tabloid. Contact me at

Sophie Gurden, SU Press and Communications Officer 2018-2019
Matti Arnarson, SU Bar Manager

Hi! My name is Matti and I am the Bar Manager of our beloved on-campus bar - Toggler's Arms. You will see me behind the bar at some point so stop for a chat or drop me an email at

Matti Arnarson, SU Bar Manager 2018-2019

Sports Clubs and Societies 

At AECC University College we are very big on health and well-being so we encourage our students to participate in any type of activity alongside their peers that will make them feel happy and part of our big AECC family.

We believe that it is important for students to try and  sustain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle at university, so it's great to see how enthusiastic our students are about sports and societies. Join one of the many we have on offer or create your own.

sports and societies



SU Representation and Voice

At AECC University College we welcome student input on all levels. You can have your voice heard through your course rep, the Students' Union or through the regular student voice workshops.

ASU Representation and voice 

Academic Support 

If you think you are eligible to be granted a extension or you have a circumstance mitigating you from submitting a work within a deadline or from being present during an examination, have a look at the appropriate forms.

Academic support 

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