Last year's postponed ceremony now has a new date. Scroll down for; timings & schedule, what to expect on the day, and advice regarding Covid-19.

2021 date for last year's ceremony

We are delighted to confirm that last year’s postponed Graduation ceremony will now be taking place on Friday 10th September 2021.

The event will be held at the Corpus Christi Church, and the celebration will continue afterwards with an event on campus in a marquee on the Quad.

Watch a recording of the ceremony

Timings on the day

(Please note, these are subject to change):

11.30am –1.30pm
Registration takes place on at the Corpus Christi Church hall, adjacent to the campus. We encourage you to arrive and register early.

Academic garments will be available for collection from the Church Hall. Once you are gowned, you can have your individual and family group photographs taken with the official photographer and you are welcome to take photos in and around the University College campus.

Guests will be able to access Corpus Christi Church and take their seats. Seating is on a first-come first-served basis; please see information below regarding Covid-19 advice.

Graduands to assemble in front of the Corpus Christi Church hall, and line up for the Procession into the Church.
All guests will need to be seated in the church.

Ceremony commences

After the ceremony, the afternoon reception will take place in the marquee on campus for graduates and their guests.
Staff helpers will be on hand to direct graduates and their guests throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony, along with your friends and family, to celebrate all your achievements at AECC University College.

What to expect during the ceremony

You will be asked to assemble in a specific order in the Corpus Christi Church Hall forecourt, please follow instructions from the staff marshalls. The order is essential to ensure you cross the stage at the time your name is read. Please remain in order.

When signalled, the graduate procession will lead into the Church, and take your seats.

The ceremony commences when the academic procession, which enters after graduands, is seated on the platform.

Graduands are called by their full name and access the stage from the right hand side (facing the stage). Each Graduand will cross the stage to the Vice Chancellor who will stand in the middle of the stage. Given the current situation, please tip your cap* to the Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor will tip her cap in return.

Then move across the stage and return to your seat.

If you are a prize winner, you will be asked to sit in the front pew to return to the stage later in the ceremony to acknowledge your prize.

Presentation of Student Prizes

Daniel Heritage, representing the Graduates of AECC University College, will present the names to the students who won prizes. The prize-winners will be asked to leave their seats by a member of staff and line up on the right hand side (facing the stage) again until their name is announced by Daniel Heritage, when they should access the stage, cross the platform, pose for a photo with the Vice Chancellor, and leave the stage as before.

* Touch your cap as a way to greet another person

Ceremony Closes

The Chairperson will close the Ceremony and guests will be asked to remain in their seats until the Academic Procession has left. Then Graduates and guests can leave and proceed to the Marquee on campus where refreshments will be served. Staff helpers will be on had to assist.

Covid-19 Advice

What we are doing

Social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, however we have limited the total number of attendees to the ceremony, ensuring both the Church and marquee will be below maximum capacity. However even with these measures in place, please be aware, many people will be gathering together inside the venues, and sitting next to, or nearby one another. The University College will be following government guidance in regards to the wearing of masks. These are currently discretionary, albeit recommended in crowded and enclosed spaces where people come into contact with those they don’t usually meet, and we support your choice to wear a face covering.

If anything changes to Government guidance before the ceremony, we will update the website – please check regularly. We will also have hand sanitiser stations, additional cleaning, and ushers at the venue to assist the flow of people.

What you can do

While restrictions have now been lifted and large events are once again able to operate, there are measures we can all take to make Graduation safer for everyone. Vaccination provides the best protection against COVID-19, and having both doses of the vaccination can significantly reduce transmission. Therefore, and out of respect to everyone attending, we would strongly recommend those with vaccinations still outstanding should undertake these before Graduation if possible.

We would also strongly recommend that all attendees – whether it has been possible for them to arrange vaccinations or not – take a freely available lateral flow COVID-19 test, returning a negative result within the 24 hours prior to the event. We’re sure you will agree that if each of us follows these measures, we can celebrate together knowing we’ve taken steps to protect each other at the same time. This advice is informed by current local and national public health guidance which may be subject to change. Any updates will be published on this website.

How to wear your gown correctly

Watch a video of the 2019 Ceremony