Specialising in Chiropractic

Noah Thurnherr (23), First Year Master of Chiropractic

“I initially started studying Chiropractic in Switzerland, but unfortunately I didn’t pass the second term of my studies. I received my results in July 2022, and wanted to find somewhere that I could continue my studies in Chiropractic that year. I didn’t want to wait to apply the following year."

Noah smiling

Applying through Clearing

“I applied to AECC University College as an international student through Clearing. It was straightforward to do on UCAS and I heard back within a couple of days. There was a slight issue with my English qualification, which luckily we were able to resolve."

“Both of my parents studied at AECC University College in the nineties – they actually met here. My mum is Swedish and my dad is Swiss. They were very positive about their experience here."

“I didn’t actually get to visit the University properly before starting, but I really like it here."

Relocating to Bournemouth

“I stayed in an Airbnb for the first few weeks, until I found my feet. I asked around as I got to know people whether anyone knew of any accommodation that was available and found a shared house that way. Next year, I’ll be sharing with friends that I have made on the course."

“AECC University College is much more focused on Chiropractic than my previous University and the community is smaller, which works for me.”

A Clear Guide to Clearing

Everything you need to know about UCAS Clearing so that you can start your studies in September 2023.

What clearing is, who can apply, when and how to apply, what courses are available, and our top tips.