Changing Careers through Clearing

Bobby Tamplin (25), First Year Master of Chiropractic

“I’m studying at AECC University College for my second degree. My first degree was in Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Bournemouth University and I graduated in 2019. I worked in Microbiology for a couple of years, but found I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had thought.

“I wanted a change of career as I really love working with people, as well as finding the science of how the human body works fascinating. I chose Chiropractic as something that combines both of these interests.

“There aren’t many places that teach Chiropractic in the UK. I visited a few of the Universities and decided that AECC University College would be the best option for me. It was great to be back in Bournemouth, as I knew the area really well and love it here.”

Bobby smiling

Applying through Clearing

“Being able to apply to AECC University College through Clearing was really useful from a timing point of view. I made the decision to leave my job in June 2022 and started my studies a few months later, in September 2022. I actually only applied officially through Clearing in August.

“It was quite a last-minute decision that I made. I didn’t initially realise that I could apply through Clearing and start the same year; I was thinking I would need to wait until the following year but wanted to start studying sooner. Clearing gave me that flexibility.”

Relocating to Bournemouth

“It was a bit of a chaotic month, I was wrapping things up at work and I moved out of the place that I was living in at the time and relocated back down to Bournemouth.

“Having knowledge of the area was also helpful in terms of finding accommodation, as I knew people who were still living down here. I’m living with a friend that I met at University, who is currently studying for his PhD.

“I love it here. The community is great and I love the people that I have met. I’ve really enjoyed this first year and I definitely feel I have benefitted from doing my first degree too. I have a much greater understanding of what is required in Higher Education, which is really helpful.”

A Clear Guide to Clearing

Everything you need to know about UCAS Clearing so that you can start your studies in September 2023.

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