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Travelling to the UK to begin your course

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The Home Office recommend that you do not book travel until you have been granted your visa. If you choose to book travel before you have received the outcome of your visa application you risk losing the costs of your travel if your visa application is refused, or if your outcome is delayed.

It is important to be prepared for your journey, here some examples of steps you should take:

  • Check the start date of your Student visa and ensure you won’t arrive in the UK until that date or later. If you travel into the UK before the start date of your Student visa your Student permission will not be activated and you may need to leave the UK and return once your Student visa is valid.
  • Make sure you know how to get from the airport or ferry port to your accommodation;
  • If you will arrive in the UK late at night, or in the early hours of the morning, consider booking hotel accommodation near the airport so that you can complete your journey to Bournemouth during daylight hours;
  • Let your accommodation provider know when you expect to arrive;
  • Carry all your immigration documents, and any other documents you need to bring with you, in your hand luggage;
  • Have a some cash and/or travellers cheques available in GBP just in case your credit or debit card doesn’t work when you need it;
  • Only bring luggage that you can manage by yourself, you will find your journey more difficult if you cannot manage your luggage easily and it may be better to have additional belongings shipped to you once you have a better idea of what you need;
  • Make sure you know when you need to be at AECC UC for your Welcome, Enrolment and induction events. If you aren’t able to arrive in time for key events you must contact us to let us know, we’ll advise you on your options.

Other Guidance and Resources to help you

There is a lot of information available to help support you in making your preparations to begin your course with AECC UC, and to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Applying for a visa and making travel arrangements can feel overwhelming at times, and there is a lot to remember, it is important that you begin your process as early as you can and allow yourself time to take all necessary steps without having to rush.

AECC University College
AECC University College

We send you a lot of information, and you can contact our Admissions and Registry teams if you have enquiries about your course or the enrolment process. If your enquiry relates to immigration you can contact our UKVI Compliance Manager using


UKCISA publish a huge amount of information covering a range of issues for international students studying in the UK. They also operate a telephone helpline so that you can speak to someone if you need to.

British Council
British Council

The British Council is another organisation specialising in publishing supportive information for international students.

Home Office/UKVI
Home Office/UKVI

The UK Visas and Immigration service is part of the Home Office, which is part of the UK government. This is where you will find the rules governing you as a student, and AECC UC as an immigration sponsor.

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