Value for Money Statement

The following information sets out how the University’s finances work – where our income comes from and what we spend our money on.

Like most universities that receive public funding, AECC University College is a charity and raises income from a wide range of sources. This income is spent on providing teaching and other student services, day-to-day running costs, maintaining and improving our campus, undertaking research and engaging with local communities. Any surplus income is reinvested back into improving facilities. AECC University College’s main expenditure is on teaching, but it also spends money on a range of other areas that benefit students.

• Investment in our teaching allows us to operate a staff: student ratio of 1:17 and allows students to receive average contact hours of 17 – 20 hours a week, with 50% of these delivered in small group sessions.

• As well as maintaining existing facilities we have recently carried out a range of upgrades to the campus (including a brand-new, industry-leading Clinical Skills Suite, purchasing the St Thomas Garnet’s School land and buildings directly opposite to extend our campus, new study spaces with the new Digital Learning Hub, new Chiropractic benches and improvements to the onsite human prosection laboratory).

• Investment in our facilities has also benefited students – by running and maintaining our quality clinical resources (including the 32-room Chiropractic clinic, MRI, digital imagining, quantitative fluoroscopy and digital ultrasound facilities) our students can access and observe these facilities in action. In addition, as a specialist health sciences institution, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our students and provide complimentary treatments.

• Investment in our student services means we are able to provide our students with wellbeing, counselling and study skills support. In 2019-2020, appointments for these high-quality services doubled, and the Student Services team were shortlisted for ‘What Uni Student Choice Awards’ in the category of student support. During quarantine, international students have been supported by our Students Services and Students Union with free food support packs, advice and guidance on local services.

• Our spending can also benefit students’ future employment – placements in the on-site Chiropractic Clinic enable students to develop workplace skills. The University College also holds an annual careers fair to assist students’ transition between study and working life. In addition to this, AECC University College was awarded the Silver TEF for Teaching Excellence which means the University College delivers ‘high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education.’ The National Student Survey (NSS) also found students studying at the University College felt that:

• Staff were good at explaining things (91%)

• Their courses were ‘intellectually stimulating’ (89%)

• Their courses challenged them to produce their best work (87%)

• Provided them with opportunities to use what they had learnt (87%)

• They were particularly pleased with the learning resources available to them and that these had supported their learning well (96%).

Further information on AECC University College income and spending can be found in our financial statements here.

Our University College at a Glance

AECC University College income 2019-2020

• 77.9% Student tuition fees and education contracts - £7,387k

• 9.8% Other income e.g. investments, charitable donations, business activities - £930k

• 6.9% Funding body grants- £656k

• 4.1% Other grant income - £387k

• 0.9% Donations and endowments - £88k

• 0.3% Investment income - £32k

AECC University College Expenditure 2019-2020

• 44% Teaching and research - £3,987k

• 16% Other student related spend: £1,438k o Library costs o Registry o Widening Access and Participation o Student Services costs o IT costs

• 12% Campus Facilities and Services - £1,043k

• 22% Administration and Central Services - £1,939k

• 6% Investment - £491k.


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