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Advice from our Current Students

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Jess Mead is a Fourth Year Master of Chiropractic student. She also works as a Student Ambassador alongside her studies and is President of the AECC University College Netball Society. She shares her advice for new students:

Wellbeing advice

“My advice would be to join a sports team or society to help you socialise and make friends, whether at the University or in the local community. Try to meet as many people as you can and get involved in whatever you can. Don’t try be someone else to fit in, though; just be yourself!

“When it comes to your studies, don’t be afraid to ask for help from lecturers, other students, or Student Services. Speak up if you’re struggling: definitely don’t suffer in silence.”

Managing Your Money

“It can be a good idea to set aside money for rent and bills when you get your maintenance loan. I would consider paying it all upfront, or having separate accounts. This will help you make sure you can pay your rent and bills.

“If you have an overdraft, make sure you understand what your limit is, to prevent you going into any form of debt

“Try to learn how to cook and make your own lunch; it’s much cheaper and healthier than ordering food every day.

“I would also say: try and make a budget to help reduce any money worries – and stick to it.”

Study skills

“Don’t worry if you don’t get all the pre-reading, lectures and notes done each week; prioritise doing what you need to do to be prepared and understand the material.

“Invest the time in finding out what revision technique works best for you.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help from lecturers or other students.

“Find ways to enjoy the studying – it’ll make it a lot easier to revise if you find it interesting and enjoyable!”

You can find out more about the Student Support available at AECC University College here.

Above: Jess Mead

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