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We are here to help keep you connected with the University College after you leave, keeping in touch via social media, regular e-newsletters and yearly events on and off campus.

Our Alumni

We’ve taught some of the most remarkable individuals from all over the world who have gone on to have successful careers. As part of our unique and global alumni community, you have a number of benefits and opportunities available to you.

AECC University College is extremely proud of its alumni. Over the years as the institution has evolved from a chiropractic training college to a health science focused University College, we have supported and championed our alumni from around the world.

All former students of AECC University College, or its predecessor institution, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, are automatically members, it is a great way to keep in touch with each other and find out the latest news from the University College. 

2024 Future Pathways Event

This year's Future Pathways event will be held on Saturday 27th January at AECC University College, and we would like to invite Chiropractic Clinics to join us.

Future Pathways is open to students in their final or penultimate year of study, across all our Chiropractic courses at AECC University College.  This event aims to give employers the chance to meet our graduating students looking at progression routes to employment once graduating.

We would like to invite representatives from Chiropractic Clinics to exhibit at this event.  For more details and to register for the Future Pathways event, please visit the Eventbrite page here.

Register for Future pathways

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by emailing

Treatment A Month (TAM) Club

The TAM (Treatment a Month) Club was started in 1999 by Principal, Kenneth Vall, and since then has raised over £320,000 to support chiropractic education, research and chiropractic student facilities at AECC University College. Specifically, it has enabled us in obtaining specialised equipment necessary for learning, contributed towards the equipment of clinical rooms and skills labs, and to facilitate student scholarships and hardship funds.

These contributions from members of the profession, such as those received through the TAM Club and legacy leaving can go a long way to help us to further advance chiropractic education, clinical training and research.

If you were a member of TAM previously and would like to re-join, we would be delighted to welcome you back. Equally, should you be interested in joining for the first time, you would be very welcome as a new member. Setting up the transaction couldn’t be easier and just requires you to complete a bank automated clearing system (BACS) transfer or by setting up a standing order with the cost of one treatment per month.

Without the support of the profession and particularly dedicated clinicians like you, we would not be able to provide the future generation of chiropractors with the high standard of education that the profession demands and deserves.

Contributions from members of the profession, such as those received via the TAM Club and Leave a Legacy, go a long way to help us to further advance the chiropractic profession through education.  If you would like to find out more or register to join the TAM Club, please email the Communications team or call 01202 436 200.

Our thanks goes out to those that contribute and for your continued support.

Alumni Reunion 2023 


Thank you to everyone who attended our Alumni 2023 Reunion.  We hope you enjoyed the event which took place on Saturday 30th September 2023.  It was great to see you back at AECC’s Parkwood Campus, and that you were able to meet up with your friends, participate in some free CPD masterclasses, and see how AECC University College is thriving.

It also provided a chance for you to reconnect with your alma mater, find out about new updates and developments, and be a part of our health sciences community. It’s always important for us to hear from you too. We value our alumni and appreciate your knowledge and feedback. 


Keep in Touch

Make sure we have your up-to-date contact details so we can keep you in the loop with all things AECC University College Alumni-related. If you have a change of email or postal address, please let us know through and we'll update your details and we can still keep in touch.

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Alumni Privacy Notice

Alumni Magazine

We are excited to share with you our new Alumni magazine, which brings together content from around the university to celebrate and acknowledge the activities. It shares stories from the our university community, showcasing the important and internationally recognised work of our academics, alumni and students, bringing our university heritage to life.

We're proud to share in a digital format the new edition below:

We’ve taught some of the most remarkable individuals from all over the world who have gone on to have successful careers and we want to celebrate your achievements in our unique and global alumni community. As we send our graduates into the world, we hope you will return and retain close ties with us.

Through this magazine and other communication channels, and events, we want to allow you to connect no matter how recently, or long ago, you walked through Parkwood Campus. You are our biggest supporters and advocates, so we want you to really get involved by tagging us on social media, contributing and sharing your stories, updates, memories, articles, and photos with us. Simply email the Marketing and Communications team or use the form below.

We also welcome health science partners and friends to keep up to date with our news with our partner and external stakeholder newsletter.  Register for both of these on the form below.

Share your Story or Memory

Have a great story about your time as a student? Looking to re-connect with someone from your year? Want to share your news of a professional success? Are you currently having an amazing international experience? We would love to hear your memories from your student days as well as your current updates. Get in touch using the form below and we could feature your story on our website, our social media channels or in our upcoming alumni e-magazine.

We love to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our alumni. Studying at AECC University College opens up doors that simply wouldn't be possible, allowing students the opportunity to fulfill their potential. So go on, tell us how the University College has helped you get to where you are today.

Hear below from alumni Amy Burton, who is named as 2022 BCA New Chiropractor Award Winner

Hear below from alumni Maliheh Zahedi, one of the first women to graduate from AECC

Hear below from alumni Kay Pearce, who recently supported in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Kay Pearce, chiropractor at 2022 Commonwealth Games

Hear below from alumni Theveenah Balasubramaniam, 2021 BCA New Chiropractor Award Winner:

Theveenah Balasubramaniam

Alumni Benefits

As an Alumni you can: 

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on our CPD seminars
  • Benefit from discounts on some of our postgraduate courses
  • Receive an alumni e-newsletter, dispatched by the Marketing and Communications team; content includes alumni stories, memories, achievements, guest articles and updated from staff on University College news.  We encourage alumni to keep their contact details up to date by completing the form below.   
  • Attend a yearly Alumni Reunion event
  • Advertise a job for our graduates via Student Services

Further details on these benefits below. 

Flick through our Graduation Ceremony Album

We want to share with you memories from your special Graduation Day.  Previous years' Graduation Ceremonies are here for you to flick through the photo album.

Graduation Ceremony Photo Album

Talk to Potential Chiropractors

We are always looking to hear from chiropractors and alumni. If you are interested in opening up your clinic for observations or would like to talk to young people about chiropractic please let us know.

Speak at a careers event
The University College visits many events as part of its student recruitment programme each year. If you are interested in speaking to a schools or attending a recruitment event to discuss chiropractic, we would love to hear from you.

Offer clinical observations
Students wishing to apply for a degree in chiropractic often like to experience a clinical observation from a practicing chiropractor. If you would like to offer observational opportunities to potential young chiropractors, please let the AECC UC Schools Outreach team know by emailing the Communications team or calling 01202 436 200.

Advertise a job

Have you got a job opportunity that you'd like to share with our final-year students and graduates? You can post opportunities to our alumni Facebook page or send your job opportunities in a word or PDF format to

Student Services provide guidance on what you should include here:
writing a job specification for our soon to be graduates.

Should the job advert be suitable for our students we will also advertise on our student intranet and it will remain on the site for 3 months, unless you advise otherwise.   

Replacement Documents

If your University College issued documents have been lost, defaced, or destroyed and you wish to obtain a replacement, you can email our Registry team. 

Check out the common questions we have put together to provide you with details on the process.

If you have a change of contact details, or want to get in touch with us, please let us know by completing the Alumni Form below. Please note, an asterisk(*) denotes information is required. These details will be updated in our Alumni database, improving our communications with you.

Sometimes it is easier to talk things over.

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