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Student Story: Erik Martens

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A great vibe, knowledgeable lecturers, exceptional facilities and making friends for life…

International student, Erik Martens moved to Bournemouth from The Netherlands to study the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College. He is currently in his final year of studies and a keen advocate for our School of Chiropractic. He tells us what initially drew him to AECC University College, what his highlights have been and why he is proud to study with us.

 “I chose to study Chiropractic at AECC University College after attending an Open Day – I walked through the doors and fell completely in love with the place. Not just the way it looked, but with the overall vibe, I felt so incredibly comfortable and just needed to be a part of it all.”

Chiropractic training

“My time at the University College has been filled with numerous highlights, from having my first successful adjustment to being allowed to study in a prosection lab filled with some amazing and detailed specimens. One part of the Chiropractic course content that I found particularly interesting was the mapping of the nervous system in the body, realising how extensive and yet so intricate it is.

“My tutors have not only been very knowledgeable in what they teach, we also have some great discussions – they’re pleased to discuss subjects with you and encourage debate if you have found conflicting new evidence.

“In these new uncertain Corona-filled times, staff have been amazing, giving support by uploading narrated versions of the lectures online and, where possible, allowing us to take our exams at home online.

“My number one highlight would be all the amazing people and lifelong friends that I’ve made here, it is something that I will cherish forever.”

Education enhancing facilities

 “At AECC University College we have access to exceptional facilities that help with our studies, especially the on-site Chiropractic Clinic. Here, I’ve been able to observe clinic interns and see all the skills that you learn put into practice. This is not only great for enhancing learning, but it is often also the motivation you need to keep going when the going gets tough. Sometimes you don’t realise why you are learning some very specific bits of information until you see it for yourself in clinic. I’m looking forward to working as an intern in the clinic next year.

“Another facility that has enhanced my learning since day one is the library, where you’ll find some of the most helpful books and you can borrow some amazing tools to help your practical skills.”

Looking to the future

“After I’ve completed my studies, I want to start working as quickly as I can. I haven’t 100% decided where – I’m looking forward to attending a careers day in my final year where students get to meet potential employers. It is likely that eventually I’ll be returning to my home country, the Netherlands. I am the AECC University College country rep for The Netherlands, so if anyone has any questions about working there or just wants to know more about it, please ask!”

Proud to study at AECC University College

“I recommend AECC University College to all prospective students that are considering a course in chiropractic, simply because chiropractic is a wonderful profession to be in and AECC is an amazing place to study. You will be taught skills you will benefit from for many years to come.

“I often like to help out at AECC University College events and fairs and I enjoy talking to prospective students, telling them my story and how I fell in love with the University College, as well as answering their questions from a student perspective.

“I’m proud to be a student here because I’m part of a group of fantastic people that are at the forefront of the chiropractic profession. AECC University College is doing a great job preparing me for my career as a Chiropractor, which I am very grateful for.”

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