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Megan Hawthorn

BSc, MSc - Lecturer in Ultrasound/Radiography and Unit Lead.

Megan is course leader for the MSc Breast Imaging course, and the lead for the Breast Imaging unit on the MSc Medical Ultrasound course, teaching and developing imaging-guided breast services to include interventional techniques. Megan is also involved in teaching and development of Medical Ultrasound units with a specific interest in obstetrics and gynaecology, including the delivery of multiple short courses.


Megan achieved her BSc from the University of the West of England in 2013 as a Diagnostic Radiographer. Megan worked as a Radiographer in the NHS at Salisbury District Hospital for a short while before being given the opportunity to extend her career into ultrasound. Megan carried out her postgraduate studies here at the AECC University College to study Medical Ultrasound. Having completed general, gynaecological and obstetric modules, Megan practised as a sonographer at Salisbury. In 2019 Megan completed the Masters in Medical Ultrasound through Bournemouth University as well as attending Kingston university to achieve a postgraduate qualification in Breast ultrasound imaging. Megan splits her my time working as a lecturer at the School of Radiology and as a sonographer in a local NHS hospital.

Current Activity

Megan is involved in the delivery and support of the MSc Medical Ultrasound Obstetric and Gynae units as well as the multiple obstetric and gynaecology short courses which run throughout the year. She is also involved in the development of the Breast Imaging unit within the MSC Medical Ultrasound course and the support and teaching on the BSc Diagnostic Radiography course.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest include abdominal, superficial structures, gynaecology, Obstetric (1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester) and Neonatal head ultrasound. Breast Ultrasound and interventional work.



  • BSc (Hons) in Diagnostic Imaging
  • MSc Medical Ultrasound.


  • British Medical Ultrasound Society
  • Society of Radiographers
  • Health and care professions council.
Contact details

Contact details

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