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Dr Hazreen Majid

Associate Professor in Dietetics

Dr Hazreen Majid joined AECC University College with his extensive knowledge and expertise as an Associate Professor and course lead in Dietetics.


Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid completed his bachelor’s degree in Dietetics (Hons) at the National University of Malaysia, his masters at Deakin University Melbourne, and obtained his PhD from King’s College London.

He was the Head of Centre for Population Health Research and a Professor at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Malaya. He was a visiting fellow at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and a faculty member for the Doctorate in Public Health program at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.

As a trained dietitian, his doctoral dissertation made some scientific contributions to clinical nutrition in understanding the mechanisms of prebiotics in reducing diarrhoea for intensive care unit patients receiving enteral nutrition. This ongoing work has been extended to the usage of both pre and probiotics in intensive care units. In addition to some clinical work and research, he had experience in developing collaborative partnerships at the local and state levels for nationally and internationally funded cohort and community-based studies.

Hazreen has received numerous awards and grants such as Kavli Trust (Canada), Newton Ungku Omar (Medical Research Council UK and Academy Science of Malaysia), Nutricia Research Grant, Friesland Campina collaborative grant and World Obesity Foundation travel grant.

He is a member of numerous scientific and professional associations with research interests including prebiotics and probiotics in clinical nutrition, adolescent cohort and public health nutrition. He had published more than 100 original WOS-ISI articles, several chapters in books, and was chief editor for the breast cancer survivors’ cookbook, Malaysian adolescent cohort book, and was invited as a speaker both locally and internationally. He has also supervised 20 PhD candidates.

Hazreen is the Vice President of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association from 2021-2023, he is also an Associate Editor for the Clinical Nutrition ESPEN journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, Frontiers in Public Health, and a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals. He is an adjunct professor at Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, and now is the course lead for MSc Dietetics at AECC University College.

Experience, Areas of interest/expertise:

  • Principal investigator for an adolescent cohort in Malaysia (tracking the adolescents’ lifestyle from the age of 13 – 17 years old).
  • Nutritional intervention in clinical set-up (Intensive Care Unit and Cancer).
  • Nutrition intervention studies at low- and middle-income countries schools.



Publications: Book chapters/Peer-reviewed articles

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  • Clinical dietetics and irritable bowel syndrome, adolescents and public health nutrition, cohort studies.
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