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Dr Angelo Battiston

BSc, DC, MSc, PG Cert. (Med. Ed.), ICSSD, FEAC, CCEP, FHEA - Chiropractor and Senior Clinical Tutor

Dr. Angelo Battiston is a Programme Developer and Unit Leader for the MSc APP Functional Musculoskeletal Health and a Clinical Tutor. Angelo is an advocate for evidence based sports chiropractors and he was instrumental in developing the SPRiNT (Sport Injuries Intern Team) programme.


Dr. Angelo Battiston graduated as part of the Chiropractic Centennial Class of 1995 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Apart from having achieved the academic Deans List and recognised for his contribution in the Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre at the world-famous Palmer Clinics. He was also a scholarship recipient representing the Palmer Rugby Club. Soon after graduating, he opened his first practice in Cape Town and was the only chiropractor appointed to the Springbok Rugby Team in 1997 during the British Lions Tour of South Africa. Later that year, he moved to Italy and established himself as a chiropractor with a keen interest in sport performance. He was appointed chiropractor for the “Azzurre” (Italian women’s national rugby team) until moving to the UK in 2008.

Current Activity

Since joining the faculty of the AECC University College in 2008, he has taught in various adjustive technique classes, general diagnosis and on the Access Course. While continuing with his teaching, he has taken on the role of Clinical Tutor. Angelo was instrumental in developing the SPRiNT (Sport Injuries Intern Team) programme. He co-designed and co-developed the postgraduate MSc Advanced Professional Practice Functional Musculoskeletal Health at the AECC University College of which he was Programme Leader. Along with various memberships in various associations, which has led him to teach both locally and internationally, he has a special interest in sports performance as a chiropractor. Angelo is the chiropractor to the AFCB Bournemouth Cherries Football Team.

Areas of Interest

Angelo enjoys teaching student interns in mastering the psychomotor skill to deliver a chiropractic adjustment within a clinical practice environment.



  • BSc
  • DC
  • MSc (Sports & Rehabilitation)
  • PG Cert. (Med. Ed.)
  • CCEP


  • British Chiropractic Association
  • General Chiropractic Council


  • Chiropractic effect on human strength via contextual dynamics
  • Research emphasis concerning manual therapies (specifically chiropractic) their influence on perception, human performance (behaviour) and cognition in all sporting populations, with a specific interest in the professional adolescent population.
  • Special interest in gait analysis incorporating effective analysis of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, and its reciprocal influences human’s agility, balance, coordination and stability.


  • Clinical Tutor
  • Unit Leader MSc (APP) Functional Musculoskeletal Health


Battiston, A.L.M., 2010. Performance or Participation for Children – Where to Draw the Line? Clinical Chiropractic, 13 (1) 1-40

Docherty S., Battiston A and Osborne N., 2011. Effect of shoe orthotics on balance and posture in pain-free individuals: a randomised controlled pilot study. Manual Therapy (submitted for publication)

Crombie, I.K.J., Battiston, A.L.M., Turner, A., 2012. A cross-sectional real-time ultrasound study into the size differences in the semispinalis capitis muscles, comparing front five rugby union players and a control group. Clinical Chiropractic, 15 (3–4), 129–134

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