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Annabelle Thorne

Lecturer in Chiropractic

Annabelle joins the AECC University College as a Lecturer in Chiropractic following 10 years in practice as a Chiropractor. She will be leading the Evidence-Based Clinical Reasoning unit this year and looks forward to being active in teaching clinical skills and advanced therapeutics.


Annabelle obtained her BSc in Sport Therapy & Rehabilitation from York University in her hometown Toronto, Canada. She worked for many years with various athletic teams including the NHL(National Hockey League) as a CATc (Canadian Athletic Therapist) before she came to the AECCUC to pursue her MChiro Master of Chiropractic degree.

Annabelle also runs her own private clinic in the Dorchester area and joined the AECCUC with plans to continue her post-graduate education in the coming years.

Experience and Areas of Interest

Annabelle has extensive experience in sport specific rehabilitation and uses a broad range of Advanced Therapeutic techniques including being a fully certified Active Release Techniques Practitioner, fully certified Kinesio-taping Practitioner amongst other techniques. She has a particular interest in movement therapy and functional biomechanics in the virtual learning environment.




  • BSc Sport Rehabilitation
  • MChiro Master of Chiropractic


  • GCC General Chiropractic Council
  • BCA British Chiropractic Association
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Contact details

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